gabrielliuFor the most part of my life, though born in a Buddhist family, I was atheist, and I didn’t have any idea who God is. At age 17, I read about St Francis of Assisi and was immediately drawn to his kindness, poverty, and faith. I thought, “If I were to believe in God in the future, I would want to be a Catholic like St Francis.”

In university, I read my first Catholic prayer book and started to read the Bible. It was tough for a beginner, but it portrayed God’s love so beautifully. Touched, I realised I needed to know my Creator, but I didn’t have much faith. I started attending Mass and then joined RCIA.

I needed answers desperately and the RCIA was wonderful! The Bible became God’s precious gift for me as He gave me so much guidance and comfort through His Word. RCIA has changed my perspectives too. I used to believe only in human efforts, and would become upset easily. Now I wish to live every moment in thanksgiving to God, for He assures me that He would guide me in every step I take, and see me through my joys and trials. His forgiveness enables me to climb back up each time I fall.

God has also given me a new vocation: To imitate Christ’s love, faith and humility. For the love of our Father is revealed completely in Jesus, and His Holy Spirit guides us in the path of goodness and fills us with the peace and joy that the material world can’t give. God has since become my best friend, whom I can speak with anytime!

I wish to give my heartfelt “THANK YOU” to our Archbishop William Goh, our OLPS parishioners, priests, deacon, Sr Mary and all RCIA brothers and sisters, especially our Core Team!

Gabriel Liu

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