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Encountering God’s Love as a Family

A Singapore family who spent three weeks with a Catholic mission in a poor, remote Kenyan region shares the highs and lows of the eye-opening trip.

Finding Faith Through Job Loss

Refusing to give up on their marriage gave Jason and Jenny the chance to reconnect with each other again. They hope their story can encourage and support fellow families to soldier on, knowing that God has a plan for them amidst the difficulties.

The Rainbow Beyond Autism

Joseph and Janice Lim share their story of struggle, discovery and unexpected gifts in bringing up their son, Andrew, who has autism.

Pop! Goes my Shoulder

"In His infinite wisdom, I have learned much." Even in the midst of mishap and pain, Lucilla realised that God will take care of her. She just needs to place her trust in Him.

Latest Happenings

111, 2017

Live Stream of All Saints Day Mass – 1 Nov 2017, 1.15pm

Watch Live! All Saints Day mass presided by Msgr Francis Lau on 1 Nov 2017, 1.15pm. Share this with the home-bound and their care-givers.

3010, 2017

Lutheran-Roman Catholic Joint Service on 500th Anniversary of Reformation

We must continue the path of fraternal communion, sharing in the one faith, one baptism and one Lord, walking with courage and determination towards an ever fuller unity. This journey of course requires us to listen to the common Spirit given to us at baptism and our Lord’s call to unity. We must root all initiatives in Christ, through dialogue, collaboration and in prayer.

1910, 2017

Novena Church Dedication Mass & the new Novena Church Mobile App

Novena Church Dedication (Blessing) Are you looking for the Novena Church Dedication Mass? The Church of St Alphonsus Singapore is commonly known as Novena Church. The blessing of the new Novena Church will [...]

Fresh Articles

Five quick tips to tackle exam fever

Exams are not just stressful periods for students only, but for teachers as well. Teachers, here's how you can beat the exam stress!

The Call to Courage

Each one of us is invited to play a part in God’s grand design. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us. What is your response to Him today?

The Joy of being Called

There is a Latin phrase that goes: Deus adest et vocat te. God is here and calls you. ‘To what is He calling me to?’ you might ask. Everyone has a specific vocation in life, unique to each individual.

A Little Church: 10 Tips to Strengthen Your Catholic Home

Here are ten concrete suggestions to help all of us purify, improve, and perfect our families. Saint Pope John Paul II expressed this truth so clearly: The family is the basic building block of society… and… As the family goes, so goes the society.

Latest News on the Archbishop

  • Stand together as One people

    Recently, Archbishop William shared his thoughts on how we should protect our community from radical ideology. Click on picture to read the full story. Follow Archbishop on his Instagram! Insta handle @archie.will [...]

  • Building the Church of Tomorrow

    My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, this world is really ironical. The dignity of the human person is something that the Church has always championed even until today. Every [...]

  • Young people experience prayer, fellowship at university retreat

    “O Come let us adore Him.” That was the theme for this year’s Combined University Retreat (CUR), and 250 young people gathered to do just that from Dec 16-19. Organised [...]