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511, 2018

Deepavali Message2018

Dear Hindu Friends, Happy and blessed Deepavali! We share your joy at this time of festival - may the light of the Diyas illuminate your hearts and homes, and those of your families, friends [...]

510, 2018

Religion and Politics, Church and State

The Church is often accused of "interfering in politics" when she speaks on issues that affect society. What should the relationship between religion and politics be? This article explores the distinct but complementary relationship [...]

1809, 2018

Pastoral Letter on S377A to Catholics

S377A - TO REPEAL OR NOT TO REPEAL: A CONSCIENTIOUS DECISION A Pastoral Letter to Catholics in Singapore Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, There is much debate today, even among Catholics, as [...]

Fresh Articles

Your Life is a Vocation

Answering a vocation need not entail a dramatic, drop-everything decision. It is as basic as choosing how to live your life.

Latest News on the Archbishop

  • Archbishop’s First Ad Limina Visit to Rome

    In early February Archbishop William Goh will be in Rome together with his Brother Bishop’s from Malaysia and Brunei to present themselves to Pope Francis.

  • Stand together as One people

    Recently, Archbishop William shared his thoughts on how we should protect our community from radical ideology. Click on picture to read the full story. Follow Archbishop on his Instagram! Insta handle @archie.will [...]

  • Building the Church of Tomorrow

    My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, this world is really ironical. The dignity of the human person is something that the Church has always championed even until today. Every [...]