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808, 2019

National Day Message 2019

Today, we celebrate Singapore’s 53rd National Day. To celebrate National Day is to celebrate nation-building, which is the work and participation of every citizen. How often do we take our nation for granted, just as many of us take our family for granted, and Church as well! We fail to realize that the nation, our family and our Church are what they are today because countless individuals and communities, past and present, have poured their sweat, blood and tears into building these institutions. Without each individual’s contribution, big and small, from every area of life, expertise and interest, our nation would not be so prosperous, efficient, happy, peaceful and progressive.

2207, 2019

JUL 2019 – Chancery Notice Extracts

CHN/CN/2019/012The Chancery has released appointment notices for a number of Church Offices and Organisations within the Catholic Church in Singapore. Among them are:Fr Paul Staes CICM is reappointed to the board of CHARIS.Fr Edward Seah [...]

2107, 2019

AUG 2019 – Chancery Notice Extracts

CHN/CN/2019/013 The Chancery recently receives reports a man named Jeffrey Lee Hwe Sin, also known as Alan Lee, A-Lan Lee, Alberto Lan Lee or Elijah, who gave the impression that he was connected to [...]

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Good Friday: The Crucifixion of Jesus

Good Friday as we all know is the day when Christians ob-serve the commemoration of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. And we also believe Jesus died on Good Friday. It was His death day. But Good Friday must not only remain a death day, it must be connected to Easter, which symbolises the loving response of the Father to the obedient Son and of Christ’s victory and power over death.