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Come as You are

A mother struggles with accepting her children as same-sex attraction (SSA) and how she accepted them for who they are.

Frustrated Photographer Stumbles on Gold

Paul, a VITA Images volunteer, was increasingly frustrated as he was unable to capture any ideal shots at the event. What happens next is remarkable...

Our Lady’s Faithful Knight

Some friendships are forged for eternity. Today, Marie remembered Uncle John, a kindly Indian gentleman from Nativity church.

My Mother and I

I spent most of my life not truly knowing Mary, even though I knew all of her prayers by heart. But a personal relationship with her only began a year ago, when I was struggling deeply with my history with men.

Latest Happenings

2408, 2017

Catholic Education Sunday 2017

Peace is the first gift of Easter which the Lord imparted to His disciples. Peace comes from the victory of Christ over sin and death. With His resurrection, we know for certain that everything has been overcome and conquered.

1008, 2017

Assumption Mass Schedules 2017

CITY Cathedral of the Good Shepherd Aug 14: 6.30pm Aug 15: Noon, 1.15pm & 7.30pm St Joseph’s Church (Victoria Street) Closed for restoration works Church of Sts Peter & Paul Aug 14: 5.30pm Aug [...]

2507, 2017

But He Did not Answer : Diocesan Vocation Retreat 2017

"But He did not answer her at all"  Mt 15:23a Are you wrestling with God? Is there a stirring in your heart because you do not know if God is calling you to a priestly [...]

Fresh Articles

How to Be a Virtuous Date

Virtue is one of those words that sounds a bit lame and unromantic. Dating tends to make us think of words like: passion, excitement, love and connection… Date with virtue (wha-wha-wha). Buzz kill.

5 Reasons to pray the Liturgy of the Hours

“The Eucharist,” the Catechism says, “is the source and summit of Christian life.” And rightfully so! For in the Blessed Sacrament, we encounter Christ himself.

Seven Myths About Catholic Evangelisation

Although evangelisation is a core activity of the Catholic life, a lot of Catholics today don’t understand what it entails. Having been involved in Catholic evangelisation for a quarter of a century, I’ve encountered many evangelisation-related myths. There’s seven common ones you should definitely know, and how to bust them, too.

Five signs you should attend a Young Adults Retreat

Recently, I attended the TREASURE Young Adults Encounter retreat, where I took on the role of a small group facilitator. On the surface, it may seem like I sacrificed my weekends to help out, but in truth, I received so much from the Lord. The Holy Spirit was the one doing the hard work – raking away stubborn weeds and sowing seeds of truths in our hearts.

Latest News on the Archbishop

  • Stand together as One people

    Recently, Archbishop William shared his thoughts on how we should protect our community from radical ideology. Click on picture to read the full story. Follow Archbishop on his Instagram! Insta handle @archie.will [...]

  • Building the Church of Tomorrow

    My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, this world is really ironical. The dignity of the human person is something that the Church has always championed even until today. Every [...]

  • Young people experience prayer, fellowship at university retreat

    “O Come let us adore Him.” That was the theme for this year’s Combined University Retreat (CUR), and 250 young people gathered to do just that from Dec 16-19. Organised [...]