Returned! – A Testimony Event

Whether you are a returning or practising Catholic, Landings could be for you. If you are interested in Landings, we invite you to come to listen to testimonies of Catholics who have returned to the Church with the help of Landings. To register, visit

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What if God is…

As a young adult, you probably have plenty to juggle with. And sometimes, faith is the furthest thing from your mind. At some point, you may find yourself wondering if there is more to life than material and professional pursuits. Emmaus Walk (EW), a community of young adults from Nativity Church invites you to join [...]

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Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage by Phil Gungor

International speaker, Phil Gungor will give you powerful tools on how to strengthen, rebuild, and regenerate your marriage! This seminar will have you laughing for days. Choose either session: Run 1  - Fri, 24 May - 7pm to 10 pm & Sat, 25 May - 9am to 12.30pm OR Run 2  - Sat, 25 May - [...]

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The Virtues Project – Parents, Unlock the Potential in your Child!

PARENTS - UNLOCK the POTENTIAL in Your Child Bring out the BEST in your child and yourself. Date: Wednesdays:  3, 10, 17 & 24 Apr Time: 7pm to 10pm About the Virtues ProjectTM The Virtues Project helps parents to awaken the qualities of character that exist in potential in their children. By speaking the language of virtues, [...]

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My Child is MADE for MORE

My Child is Made for More will enable you to be the primary sexuality educator of your child.  It addresses the sexuality issues facing your child, including pornography, and pre-marital and casual sex. The approach is to focus is on dignity, respect, sexual honesty and authentic freedom, not consequences. Dynamic approach - Each session takes [...]

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Deepening Authentic Conversations Retreat

A retreat, tending to our deepening authenticity In the workshop 'Introduction to Authentic Conversations', we become more conscious of an experience of the presence of God through real conversation. In this deepening installation, the invitation is to grow in awareness of how personal - unique, nuanced and textured - this Lover's language is. When we [...]

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Connected Couples, Strong Relationships

Learn how you can create a deeply satisfying and long-lasting relationship with your partner. Pick up effective communication skills, and understand more deeply about emotional and relational issues in a way which feels comfortable and positive. Learn how to: Develop effective communication skills using the 'Dialogue' Resolve longstanding conflicts with compassion and ease Recreate the [...]

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Introduction to Authentic Conversations

Explore what is at the heart of an authentic conversation – listening. Are we aware of what and how we listen, as well as how our listening shapes our conversations, relationships, and communion with God and neighbour? Do we react, or respond? How does one nurture safe spaces for authentic conversation that is so critically [...]

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Same-Sex Unions and Their Right to Marriage

It seems that prohibiting people of the same sex from getting married is a case of blatant, unjust discrimination. Clearly, homosexual persons can love each other just as much as heterosexual persons love people of the opposite sex, and if so, don’t they deserve the same right to marriage as anybody else?

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Celebrating the Culture of Life

Pope St John Paul II revitalised the defence of human life as a fundamental Christian value in his writing of Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life) and, in doing so, coined the phrase “culture of life”. In Evangelium Vitae, he issued a pressing appeal addressed to all, in the name of God: “Respect, protect, [...]

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