Single, But Not Unloved!

The answer as we walk as single men and woman is found in our call to trust. To stay in the ache and surrender in peace knowing that God has a plan for us. He is in control. And if He wanted you to be in a relationship, He would have you there.

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What NOT To Say If You’re Single

Single people often tell stories. Sad, frustrating, neverending stories. Stories that aren’t true, that we who are single for who-knows-how-long or forever, ought not say to ourselves anymore.

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S.O.S. – Sick of Singleness

The ache of singleness is real. It can be painful when we have a desire for something good that seems just out of reach. Yet, letting the temptation of bitterness creep up on us will cause us to miss out on something else—namely, the gratitude, joy and opportunities that are present right now. The truth is: Wherever we are, whoever we are. God has a plan.

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The Challenge of Chastity in Marriage

Chastity in marriage is an ongoing experience of examining the heart and mind. It requires the continual weighing of the most hidden intentions, and highlights the crucial importance of owning one’s own commitment to chastity prior to saying “I do”. This personal foundation of chastity strengthens the marriage bond.

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Beauty in the Breakups

Feeling rejected by someone, whether we were dating that person or not, is a deep hurt which hits us right in the center of who we are. When this happens, we begin to harden ourselves and it becomes easy to stick to surface level relationships with others, even our closest friends. We believe that we need to always be independent and not burden others with our “feelings.” However, while isolation may keep out hurt, it will also keep out love.

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Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage by Phil Gungor

International speaker, Phil Gungor will give you powerful tools on how to strengthen, rebuild, and regenerate your marriage! This seminar will have you laughing for days. Choose either session: Run 1  - Fri, 24 May - 7pm to 10 pm & Sat, 25 May - 9am to 12.30pm OR Run 2  - Sat, 25 May - [...]

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Follow Me: The Passion of Christ and True Leadership

It is this laying down of one’s life that it is that heart of Christianity. Jesus wants you to be a man, and a leader, after his own heart. And that is why he is calling you to, “take up your cross, deny yourself, and follow me.”

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Week of Guided Prayer @ Church of The Transfiguration

An easy, one-week mini retreat amidst your daily routine, where you learn how to pray using Scripture, via Ignatian Contemplation and Lectio Divina.  You will develop a closer relationship with the Lord as He speaks to you through Scripture.   Programme consists of a Taster Training on Sunday afternoon, half-hour prayer at home and half [...]

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A Star Shines Bright

As a child, William had anger and relationship issues and was unable to focus. He was seven and among the first batch of students to attend Morning Star Community Services’ student care centre in Hougang. “My dad passed on early and my mum raised my sister and I single handedly. I spent all my [...]

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