Crash Course: Mission and Evangelisation

Mission? Evangelisation? What's that? Come and discover the meaning of Mission and Evangelisation through the history of the Church until the Second Vatican Council. Register now: bit.ly/EMMTalk1

Crash Course: Mission and Evangelisation2019-03-11T13:33:56+08:00

Sharing Knowledge with All – Estella Young

Sharing Knowledge with All Estella recognised the needs of the people, and it became clear to her how she could be of service to the Church with the gifts and talents she honed. She has been a catechist for seven years now, imparting knowledge to both children and adults. She is also [...]

Sharing Knowledge with All – Estella Young2018-05-25T16:11:17+08:00

Encountering God’s Love as a Family

A Singapore family who spent three weeks with a Catholic mission in a poor, remote Kenyan region shares the highs and lows of the eye-opening trip.

Encountering God’s Love as a Family2017-11-30T11:54:46+08:00

The Call to Courage

Each one of us is invited to play a part in God’s grand design. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us. What is your response to Him today?

The Call to Courage2017-10-20T17:51:35+08:00

Bless The Little Children

Bless the Little Children is more than just a feeding project. It is an initiative of former street kids reaching out to the present street kids in the hope that they find purpose and joy in learning.

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Advent… Allowing Christ to Rest in Us

From the moment when the Christ-life is conceived in us, our life is intended for one thing – the expression of His love, His love for God and for the world.

Advent… Allowing Christ to Rest in Us2017-03-05T02:21:35+08:00

60 years as a Priest

“Often people ask me, ‘Why are you in Singapore?’ I tried to find some explanation, but people did not seem to be satisfied with my answer. Until one day, I got the answer. Because of God. As simple as that.

60 years as a Priest2017-03-13T14:49:14+08:00