S.O.S. – Sick of Singleness

The ache of singleness is real. It can be painful when we have a desire for something good that seems just out of reach. Yet, letting the temptation of bitterness creep up on us will cause us to miss out on something else—namely, the gratitude, joy and opportunities that are present right now. The truth is: Wherever we are, whoever we are. God has a plan.

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The Challenge of Chastity in Marriage

Chastity in marriage is an ongoing experience of examining the heart and mind. It requires the continual weighing of the most hidden intentions, and highlights the crucial importance of owning one’s own commitment to chastity prior to saying “I do”. This personal foundation of chastity strengthens the marriage bond.

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Let Go and Let God

No matter what your calling may be, you were created for sainthood. For holiness. For perfect communion with God, and with others. Don’t be discouraged if you’re still trying to figure out God’s plan for your life. Simply stand still, and let Him move.

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Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage by Phil Gungor

International speaker, Phil Gungor will give you powerful tools on how to strengthen, rebuild, and regenerate your marriage! This seminar will have you laughing for days. Choose either session: Run 1  - Fri, 24 May - 7pm to 10 pm & Sat, 25 May - 9am to 12.30pm OR Run 2  - Sat, 25 May - [...]

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What Your Vocation Is Not

Discovering our vocation is found in an intentional, daily relationship with God. It is more than just knowing the state of life He desires us to live in within the body of the Church (married, single, religious), it is ultimately about discovering ourselves each and every day found most perfectly in Him alone.

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Marital First Responder (MFR) Training Workshop

If a friend or a relative were to approach you to talk about his/her strained marital/ intimate relationship, how would you respond to that person? How would go about having this conversation to help your friend or relative better manage the strained intimate/ marital relationship? In this training workshop, participants will learn the seven essential [...]

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Same-Sex Unions and Their Right to Marriage

It seems that prohibiting people of the same sex from getting married is a case of blatant, unjust discrimination. Clearly, homosexual persons can love each other just as much as heterosexual persons love people of the opposite sex, and if so, don’t they deserve the same right to marriage as anybody else?

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Celebrating the Culture of Life

Pope St John Paul II revitalised the defence of human life as a fundamental Christian value in his writing of Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life) and, in doing so, coined the phrase “culture of life”. In Evangelium Vitae, he issued a pressing appeal addressed to all, in the name of God: “Respect, protect, [...]

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Humanae Vitae – The Call for Unitive and Procreative Marriages

Humanae Vitae makes clear that the issue of birth control must be addressed by an understanding of God’s plan for love and marriage, with conjugal love involving a mutual self-donating love that looks beyond itself and seeks to remain open to new life in cooperation with God.

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