The Meaning and Practice of Penance

Penance offers us a unique opportunity to grow in our Christian life by taking up our cross and “dying to sin”. Penance is not a method or means toward self-perfection, but rather a joyful response to the gift of God’s life.

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In Defence of the Crucifix

The crucifix reminds us of the indispensable fact that we have been bought with a price, once for all. Christ has died for our sins. It is finished. But the crucifix is not only a sign of His death; it also a sign of the Life won by His death. It is a sign of sacrifice for it proclaims the severe price that Christ paid for us; but it is also a sign of hope for it proclaims that we have indeed been bought.

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I’m Giving up on myself this Lent

I'm giving up on myself this Lent. This is in response to the question that we're most likely asked during this part of the Church's liturgical year: "What are you GIVING UP for Lent this year?"

I’m Giving up on myself this Lent2017-03-13T14:45:04+08:00

CPF and Ash Wednesday

Most, if not many of us have a CPF (Central Provident Fund) Account from which we can withdraw to buy a house, make investments or pay medical bills. But what about our Spiritual CPF Account? Yes, our Compassion, Prayer and Fasting Account!

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