Passion Ends with the Resurrection

This Lent truly has been like no other for me in many ways, as it has been for the rest of us too. All of a sudden, we are stripped of everything and left only with our relationship with Christ. It’s almost as though this is a test of how much we really do love Him. Many of us have expressed sadness. I feel the same way too. But I also believe that this can possibly be Christ’s invitation for us to enter into His Passion and to walk closer with Him, on His way to Calvary.

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Crucis Singapura

Jesus Youth invites you to join 'Crucis Singapura' - a 'virtual' Way of the Cross on 4th April 2020 at 3 pm. This is the 10th year of our annual Lenten event where we encourage everyone to partake in the suffering of our Lord Jesus through a guided Way of the Cross. This year, Crucis Singapura 2020 has been [...]

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A Journey to Rediscovering Freedom: To Love

Christ sets us free so that we may love other people as ourselves. If, according to St. Thomas Aquinas, “to love is to will the good of another,” then love is the ultimate purpose for the exercise of our free will. Sin is just the opposite. It is the abuse of free will, disregarding our neighbour’s good.

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A Journey to Rediscovering Freedom: From Sin

Sin makes us feel free and happy, doesn’t it? When we sin – when we do what God doesn’t want us to do – aren’t we satisfying our “human nature”, asserting ourselves against the rules imposed on us by a tyrant God? That feels great!

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The Key to Holiness: An Annoying Co-Worker?

Offering up the little annoyances in our life as penance does not eliminate the need for all other Lenten practices, but it is another way to grow closer to Christ. When we unite our sufferings to Christ, no matter how small, we take up our cross as Christ tells us, and we follow in his footsteps.

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A Journey to Rediscovering Freedom: Introduction

“Freedom” is the last word that comes to mind when we think about Lent. With an endless list of dos and don’ts this season, Lent can feel incredibly stifling. But Lent is ultimately a season of freedom, because Jesus’ Way of the Cross is one of freedom.

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CBN Lenten Retreat – 7 March 2020 via Online

WATCH NOW We are filled with great joy to release the CBN Lenten Retreat 2020 on-line as originally planned on 7 March. We hope and pray that this On-line Retreat will be of good value to you and your Family/Friends/Colleagues. We encourage you to meet up in small groups to do this Retreat in the [...]

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The Lent That Changed My Life

This Lent, fast from something that has the potential to make you a better, holier person. Pick something that is hard and challenging, and see all the ways that God can work in your life when you give Him the time to do so.

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God in the Void

Whether it is because of the suspension of Masses or because it is the Lenten season, let it be our desire to pursue holiness. This requires us to ACT upon our desires. We cannot simply say that we want to grow in this Lenten season without doing anything that would help us achieve the growth we desire.

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