The Essential Presence of a Father

The influence of a father is far deeper than many realize. A loving and fatherly presence is the greatest testament to the unchanging love of the Father who’s image we all bear: the unwearied Father who runs to us with kisses of great joy, the moment we, though with faltering steps, turn toward him.

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Family Camp 2019

Growing as a family has to be a decision. Wan or not? Register now for this fun and spirit filled camp! Sessions for adults, teens, and kids!

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Youth Conversion Experience Retreat #16 (YCER) – Registration

Calling Catholic youth and young adults between 18 to 29 years, our hope is that this retreat will allow you to experience the unconditional love of God in an intimate an tangible way, empower you to face difficult challenges and live a life driven by God's purpose and meaning. Conducted by Archbishop William Goh and [...]

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The Virtues Project – Parents, Unlock the Potential in your Child!

PARENTS - UNLOCK the POTENTIAL in Your Child Bring out the BEST in your child and yourself. Date: Wednesdays:  3, 10, 17 & 24 Apr Time: 7pm to 10pm About the Virtues ProjectTM The Virtues Project helps parents to awaken the qualities of character that exist in potential in their children. By speaking the language of virtues, [...]

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Follow Me: The Passion of Christ and True Leadership

It is this laying down of one’s life that it is that heart of Christianity. Jesus wants you to be a man, and a leader, after his own heart. And that is why he is calling you to, “take up your cross, deny yourself, and follow me.”

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Celebrating the Culture of Life

Pope St John Paul II revitalised the defence of human life as a fundamental Christian value in his writing of Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life) and, in doing so, coined the phrase “culture of life”. In Evangelium Vitae, he issued a pressing appeal addressed to all, in the name of God: “Respect, protect, [...]

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Humanae Vitae – The Call for Unitive and Procreative Marriages

Humanae Vitae makes clear that the issue of birth control must be addressed by an understanding of God’s plan for love and marriage, with conjugal love involving a mutual self-donating love that looks beyond itself and seeks to remain open to new life in cooperation with God.

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A Star Shines Bright

As a child, William had anger and relationship issues and was unable to focus. He was seven and among the first batch of students to attend Morning Star Community Services’ student care centre in Hougang. “My dad passed on early and my mum raised my sister and I single handedly. I spent all my [...]

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Looking for Jesus

I keep asking "Where are you Lord?", and during prayer I say "Speak Lord ,your servant is listening". Nothing. Nada. Deafening silence.

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