Rite of Christian Initiation at Church of The Holy Spirit

New RCIA conducted by Fr. Paul and Fr. Cornelius will begin on Tue 16 Jul 2019. We welcome new enquirers who would like to find out more about the Catholic faith. Sessions are held weekly every Tuesday at 7:45pm, and will end on 12 May, 2020. We also invite Adult Catholics to enrol as Sponsors to accompany the Enquirers [...]

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Graced to be Gardeners of Souls

We are the gardeners of the souls entrusted to our care, tasked to nourish and nurture them so that our they can grow and bloom into the human persons clothed with the dignity graced them by the One who gave them life.

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Easter Day of Reflection

"Christ the Lord is risen. Raise your joys and triumphs high." Are you seeking a richer relationship with our Risen Lord, or looking to embrace the gladness and joy of Eastertide? This day will offer time for quiet prayer, personal reflection and spiritual conversations in small groups. Spend time to listen to God through your [...]

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The A-Word

Alleluia is a pure and perfect word. It is the song that contains all songs as a pure and perfect seed. It is the song we sing when all words and all letters fall short before the eternal glory of Jesus Christ the King.

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Love Wins. Death No More.

To live as if death no longer existed is to live in the power of the Resurrection daily. It means that death has no victory because the Cross is our true victory. When we live in the Resurrection we don’t have to look any further for answers to “death” in our life. Death has already been answered by the victory of the cross.

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Easter People, Good Shepherds of Souls

Do we love the Lord enough to feed and tend all the lambs and sheep entrusted to our care? As pastors and leaders given authority over people who may not be our own children or from our own community, ministry or parish, or who may not be of our own faith, what is our attitude towards them?

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Praying and Living the Easter Octave

For the entire week after Easter Sunday, the Church celebrates what is called an octave. The Resurrection is so important that one day isn’t enough to celebrate it. So for eight whole days, it is still actually Easter Day.

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Help My Unbelief

It is through the Lord’s action in our lives that he gives us signs, and He is revealing his divinity to us even now. However, unless we ask for faith, we may miss the signs.

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Raising Priests in Our Parishes

When was the last time your parish celebrated a Priestly Ordination? Here are five ways how you can play a part in raising priests in your parish.

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