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Jesus Mary Rally 2019

Register now: http://bit.ly/JMR19 Rosary. Talks. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Eucharistic Celebration. Consecration to Our Lady. Speaker: Rev Fr Simon Pereira, CSsR Organised by Office for the New Evangelisation, The Legion of Mary, Gloria Patri Ministries, and IHM. Register now: http://bit.ly/JMR19

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Labourers in the Vineyard Retreat 2019

The "Labourers in the Vineyard" Retreat is a 5 days 4 nights stay-in retreat open to Catholics above the age of 21. Come away and allow yourselves to be encountered by the Lord! Programme includes daily Eucharistic celebration, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, talks, praise & worship, and spiritual counselling. Retreat Master: Rev Fr Terence Pereira, [...]

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Further Up, Further In: A Weekend with the Chronicles of Narnia of C. S. Lewis

Beginning with excerpts from both Scripture as well as from C. S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia, we journey ‘further up’, seeking to deepen our relationship with God while making a journey ‘further in’, seeking ourselves as we respond to our creator. Through an Ignatian approach to literary texts, it is hoped that retreatants will be able [...]

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“Herod Feared John…”

Herod heard John’s preaching and knew of the justice of God, yet he chose to fear his loss of reputation instead of believing in the God that John preached. His decision to “save face” in front of his friends was profoundly foolish.

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Uncovering the Gospel of St Mark by Rev Msgr Ambrose Vaz

F.R.E.E. Ministry presents Uncovering the Gospel of St Mark by Rev Msgr Ambrose Vaz. What was the purpose of St Mark’s writing? Who is he writing for? What does his Gospel message emphasize? Come, Listen & Reflect. Let Rev Msgr Ambrose Vaz guide you in 10 insightful sessions on St Mark’s Gospel. No registration fee. [...]

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An Ignatian Inspired Writing & Conversation

An Ignatian Inspired Writing & Conversation A conversation with Chris Lowney and his writings inspired by Ignatian Spirituality. Titles include 'Heroic Leadership', 'Heroic Living', and 'Pope Francis: Why He Leads the Way He Leads.' Date & Time: Monday, 20 November 2017, 7pm - 9pm Contribution: $30 (if attending this and the event on 19 Nov [...]

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5 Reasons to pray the Liturgy of the Hours

“The Eucharist,” the Catechism says, “is the source and summit of Christian life.” And rightfully so! For in the Blessed Sacrament, we encounter Christ himself.

5 Reasons to pray the Liturgy of the Hours2017-08-25T14:26:41+08:00

Seven Myths About Catholic Evangelisation

Although evangelisation is a core activity of the Catholic life, a lot of Catholics today don’t understand what it entails. Having been involved in Catholic evangelisation for a quarter of a century, I’ve encountered many evangelisation-related myths. There’s seven common ones you should definitely know, and how to bust them, too.

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Five signs you should attend a Young Adults Retreat

Recently, I attended the TREASURE Young Adults Encounter retreat, where I took on the role of a small group facilitator. On the surface, it may seem like I sacrificed my weekends to help out, but in truth, I received so much from the Lord. The Holy Spirit was the one doing the hard work – raking away stubborn weeds and sowing seeds of truths in our hearts.

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Leaders: You plan > pray?

We plan more than we pray. I am guilty of that. Most of us are. As leaders in ministry, we are all aware of the endless lists of to-dos that are on our list. The people that we have to reach out to, recruit new members, train/teach current members, prepare sessions, journey/mentor younger leaders, pray... etc.

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