Have you ever wondered why crucifixes and statues are veiled in the tail end of the season of Lent? How can we use this practice of the Church to help us contemplate on the Passion of Christ?

For one, the veil can be symbolic of our sins that creates a divide between us and the divinity of the Lord. When we sin, we form a barrier in our relationship with Him. It is sin that blinds us and makes it impossible for us to come close to Jesus.

“The veiling of the crosses and all the other statues are meant to help us enter into the mystical contemplation of Christ.” – Archbishop William Goh

The veiling of crucifixes also allow us to enter into a deeper contemplation of the Passion of Christ. As we recognise the extent of our sinfulness and the depth of His love in spite of these, we are then led to a deeper encounter with Him.

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