Making a Difference since 1821

Learn how Catholics helped shape Singapore by viewing the must-see video above entitled “Our Catholic Light”.  It illustrates how the Catholic Church has and continues to touch many lives in Singapore:

  • We were in Singapore since the early eighteen century helping our forefathers
  • Our Cathedral was named in memory of someone who gave his life for Christ
  • Our church was a place of refuge for those trapped in secret societies in the 1800s
  • Our missionaries left their families behind in Europe and traveled a perilous journey to our shores, some dying on the way
  • Our missionaries learnt local languages to integrate and started many initiatives to help Singapore grow
  • We started schools where all children were accepted and we would be the largest contributor to education in Singapore
  • We started orphanages, clinics and charitable organisations among others
  • We offered refuge in the 1920s to those were running away from the persecution in China
  • Our churches became places to seek medical help and refuge during the Japanese occupation
  • Our priests and religious were made prisoners of war, and some even perished but the light shone through still
  • Our religious sisters met the post-war challenge of health scares like leprosy and tuberculosis
  • We built the first Catholic hospital in Singapore in 1961, Mount Alvernia Hospital
  • We established more homes for the needy, welfare and social service centres in the developing years
  • We continue to care and love the disadvantaged in Singapore

Learn more about our Singapore History here

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