What is #proud2bCatholic all about?

On the day of Pentecost, Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, stood up “with the eleven” and “raised his voice” (Acts 2:14) and “proclaimed” (Acts 2:29) the good news of Jesus, who gave His life for our salvation and who God raised from the dead.

Like the early Apostles, #proud2bCatholic is a movement that seeks to empower Catholics to stand up to be bold witnesses of the faith to the world!

Why #proud2bCatholic?

The word ‘Proud’ is not a high or excessive opinion of one’s importance as a Catholic. Rather, with grateful hearts, in all humility, knowing that it is a great joy and honour to be a Catholic. Not by our our merit, but through the graces that is given to us through Christ our Lord (Eph 1:8).

“And a voice from heaven said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” (Matt 3:17). The delight of God over His son Jesus is the same joy and delight that we share, as sons & daughters in being #proud2bCatholic.

Saint Paul said, “Therefore in Christ Jesus I have found reason for boasting in things pertaining to God,” and again, “Let him who boasts, boast of the Lord.” For it is not the man who commends himself that is accepted, but the man whom the Lord commends” (2 Cor 10:17- 18).

Where did that conviction come from?

The Holy Spirit at Pentecost descended upon the Apostles and gave them courage to be witnesses to the faith. Peter, who denied Christ three times before His Passion, now stands emboldened before a huge crowd testifying to the Good News.

Where did that conviction come from? Peter encountered the risen Lord. This was a new Peter, humble and bold. His confidence came from the Holy Spirit, who made him a dynamic witness.

The time is now. This is the millennium of the laity.
Will you stand up and let your faith be known? 


Get Involved

All Catholics are invited to be a part of this bold and radical initiative.

“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech
but with actions and in truth”- 1 John 3:18

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