Further to the Archbishop’s announcement of 27th May 2020, that Catholic churches will not be opening for private worship in Phase 1 of the relaxation of the Circuit Breaker, we are pleased to announce that MCCY has, in its latest communication with the Church authorities, dated 1 June 2020, agreed to allow the churches to engage their pool of volunteers to assist in the provision of essential services.

This is a critical factor in our review of the earlier decision as our churches are heavily dependent on volunteers to run their many activities and MCCY’s earlier guidelines of 25th May 2020 did not permit the use of volunteers in queue management. As such, our churches’ lean staff strength did not make it possible for us to put in place the necessary safe management practices to enable the churches to reopen for private worship.

With this change, churches that are able to put in place the necessary protocols for safe management will open for private worship as and when they are ready. The Catholic faithful are encouraged to check with the respective parishes on their readiness to open, and the operating hours for private worship.

Issued by the Archbishop’s Communications Office (ArchComms)
2 June 2020

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