An invitation to return to church

Do you feel a stirring?
Of wanting to find something missing in life that may be found in God, Faith, Religion, Church?

Sometimes rapid changes in the world around us leave us struggling to understand the meaning of our own lives. It can leave us feeling unfulfilled. Then there may also be the demands, and our need to focus on career and family that left us little time to dwell on God. For others, it could have been a prolonged experience of suffering that left us only to doubt God.

While we probably had 101 reasons why we left the Church sometime ago, they are unimportant in the face of something stirring in us as we ponder. Should I consider returning?

Well, this is an invitation for you to come back.

Is there a right time to return?

The time is always ‘right’, the moment is always ‘now’.

We may not feel ready or prepared; we may be hesitant or even fearful of rejection. We may think that we may never fit back in, or perhaps our ‘unaccountable feelings of guilt or unworthiness’ may hold us back.

Christ holds out his hands to welcome you; there is no longer a need to feel this way. This invitation is for you; for who you are today, not tomorrow.

Coming back is a process

You do not need a course or a programme but a ‘time period’ where we can explore the stirring in our hearts. It is a time to…

  • find that God is indeed relevant in our lives today
  • discover that God has been active in our personal lives
  • re-establish a personal relationship with Him
  • be amazed that even though we left God, God never left us
  • It is a time to come home

It is time to answer the call

The time to come back begins when you meet with someone from Landings, in a casual environment.
We meet up to understand the process in a private setting, a chance for us to air grievances and clarify doubts. Significantly, it is an opportunity for the Church to welcome you back.

Allow us this privilege.

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