I want to know more about Catholic Faith, what should I do?

A. Identify your choice of Catholic church, preferably the closest from where you live.

  1. Although you may join RCIA in any Catholic church, choosing the closest one gives you convenience in attending RCIA-related activities and enables you to grow together in faith with fellow Catholics around your place too!
  2. Look at the table below for the RCIA information of that church
  3. Click here to view the Mandarin language RCIA programs curated by Hai Sing Pao in June 2019

B. Search for RCIA information of your choice of Church in the following table.

  1. Utilise the search on the top right of the table to search and filter information in the table. For example, type “Sunday” if you are looking for Churches that conduct RCIA session on Sundays.
  2. You may sort the columns by clicking the column header.
  3. Contact the church via phone or email to enquire further on their RCIA schedules and activities.
  4. Tap the green + button on the table to show more information.
Name of Parish/Church
On which days would RCIA sessions will be held on mostly?
RCIA Start Date
RCIA sessions start at
RCIA sessions end at
Email inquiry
Telephone inquiry
Name of main RCIA Presenter/Teacher
Website / Registration form
Church of St Mary of the AngelsEnglishThursday2019 Jan 0108:00pm09:30pm[email protected]65673866Fr Cifford Augustinehttps://www.stmary.sg/web
Church of the TransfigurationEnglishFriday2019 Feb 1507:45pm09:45pm[email protected]63419718Rev Fr Joachim Changhttp://transfiguration.sg/
Blessed Sacrament ChurchEnglishThursday2019 Mar 1407:30pm09:30pm[email protected]64740582Fr Johanhttp://www.bsc.org.sg
Church of Our Lady of Perpetual SuccourEnglishSunday2019 May 0506:00pm09:30am[email protected]96671137Fr Dominique Deme and teamhttp://www.olps.sg/rite-christian-initiation-adults-rcia-40
Church of St BernadetteMandarinSunday2019 May 0501:00pm02:30pm[email protected]94668850Mr. Adi Suryahttp://www.stbernadette.org.sg
Church of Our Lady Star of the SeaBahasa IndonesiaTuesday2019 May 0707:45pm10:00pm[email protected]96783099Various Presentershttp://www.olss.sg/
Church of the Immaculate Heart of MaryEnglishWednesday2019 May 0807:45pm09:45pm[email protected]62889140Priestshttp://www.ihm.sg
Church of Our Lady Queen of PeaceEnglishSunday2019 May 2603:00pm05:00pm[email protected]96430636Martin de Souzahttp://queenofpeace.sg/
Church of St Francis of AssisiEnglishSunday2019 May 2604:30pm07:00pm[email protected]96848891https://csfa.sg
Church of the Holy FamilyMandarinWednesday2019 Jun 0507:30pm09:30pm[email protected]Fr Eugene Vaz & Lay catechisthttp://www.holyfamily.org.sg/RCIA in English. From Aug, every Wed (no change) plus Sun 11:30 - 13:00
Church of St StephenEnglishThursday2019 Jun 0608:00pm09:30pm[email protected]Rev Fr Gerard Weerakoonhttp://www.ststephen.sg/
Church of St Vincent de PaulEnglishThursday2019 Jun 0608:00pm10:00pm[email protected]96633227Fr Eugene Chong & Fr JJ Fenelon http://www.svdp.sg
Church of the Holy TrinityEnglishThursday2019 Jun 0607:30pm09:45pm[email protected]67842332Rev Fr Frederick Quekhttp://holytrinity.org.sg/
Church of St Francis XavierEnglishSunday2019 Jun 0910:30am12:00pm[email protected]62806076Fr Benedict Chnghttp://www.sfxchurch.sg/RCIY (Youths & young adults). Contact us for details nearer to date
Church of St BernadetteEnglishSaturday2019 Jun 1503:30pm07:15pm[email protected]67373529Fr. Aloysius Onghttp://www.stbernadette.org.sg
Church of St MichaelEnglishSunday2019 Jun 1609:45am11:45am[email protected]96228749Available at parish office
St Joseph’s Church (Bukit Timah)EnglishMonday2019 Jun 2408:00pm09:30pm[email protected]67691666Fr Christopher Lee/ Fr Peter Zhanghttp://www.stjoseph-bt.org.sg
Church of Our Lady of LourdesEnglishTuesday2019 Jun 2507:30pm09:00pm[email protected]62940624Fr Michael Sitaramhttp://www.lourdes.sg/
Church of the Holy CrossEnglishTuesday2019 Jun 2507:45pm09:45pm[email protected] / [email protected]Fr Henry Siew and teamhttps://www.holycross.org.sg
Cathedral of the Good ShepherdMandarinWednesday2019 Jun 2607:30pm09:15pm[email protected]96308346Msgr Philip Heng, S.J.https://goo.gl/forms/fFGwwkMJpyav3j533
Church of the Holy CrossEnglishThursday2019 Jun 2707:45pm09:45pm[email protected]67775858Fr. Henry Siew and Teamhttp://www.holycross.org.sg
Church of St Alphonsus (Novena Church)MandarinSaturday2019 Jun 2903:15pm05:15pm[email protected]98490671Fr Eugene Lee and Fr Terence Weehttp://novenachurch.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Ch-RCIA-online-Appln-form.pdf
Church of St Alphonsus (Novena Church)MandarinTuesday2019 Jul 0207:00pm10:00pm[email protected]62552133Fr Simon Tan (Spritirual Director)http://novenachurch.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Chinese-RCIA-Application-Form-2018.pdf
Church of Our Lady of Perpetual SuccourEnglishSunday2019 Jul 0709:00am11:00am97712135http://www.olps.sg
Church of The Sacred HeartEnglishMonday2019 Jul 0807:30pm09:30pm[email protected]92959139Fr Stephen Yim & Fr Michael Rajhttps://www.churchofthesacredheart.sg/Cutoff date: 31 Aug 2019
Church of Christ The KingMandarinWednesday2019 Jul 1008:00pm10:00pm[email protected]64599958Various Presentershttp://www.christtheking.com.sg/pastoral-services/adult-baptism/Additional sessions on Sunday morning 9.30am to 11am from September 2019
St Joseph’s Church (Bukit Timah)EnglishThursday2019 Jul 1107:45pm09:45pm[email protected]94524234Rev Fr Peter Zhanghttp://www.stjoseph-bt.org.sg
Church of Divine MercyMandarinSaturday2019 Jul 1303:00pm06:45pm[email protected]96189826Fr Damian De Windhttp://divinemercy.sg/main/ministries/RCIA-RCIY/
Church of St Francis of AssisiEnglishWednesday2019 Jul 1708:00pm09:30pm[email protected]62640078Fr Benjamin & Fr Peter Kohhttps://csfa.sg
Church of the Holy TrinityEnglishMonday2019 Jul 1707:45pm09:30pm[email protected]67842332http://holytrinity.org.sg/
Church of St IgnatiusEnglishTuesday2019 Aug 0608:00pm10:00pm[email protected]64660625Fr. Jerome Leon, SJhttps://stignatius.org.sg/home/ministries/faith-formation/rcia-ministryEnglish RCIA. Sponsors' formation begins on July 9, 2019. There is also a RCIY journey for youths and young adults.
Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin MaryEnglishThursday2019 Nov 2807:30pm10:00pm[email protected]62800980Fr Kenson Kohhttp://www.nativity.sg/RCIA in English
Church of the Holy SpiritEnglishTuesday07:45pm09:45pm[email protected]97428847Fr. Cornelius Ching & Fr. Paul Gohhttps://bit.ly/RCIA2019
St Anne's ChurchEnglishTuesday07:45pm10:00pm[email protected]63865072Priestshttps://stanneonline.org/
Church of The Risen ChristEnglishWednesday26/6/1919:4521:45[email protected]94243608Fr Edward Limhttps://www.risenchrist.org.sg/ministries-groups/faith-formation/rcia

Note to RCIA coordinators: To request change of information regarding RCIA programme in your parish, please contact Office For Catechesis at 6911 0400