Faith Formation

The challenge for the Church in current times is to find new ways of presenting the beauty and relevance of the Gospel to those we reach. Faith is not fearful of reason; on the contrary, it seeks and trusts reason, since “the light of reason and the light of faith both come from God” and cannot contradict each other (Evangelii Gaudium, 242). To dialogue with the world, we need reason supplemented by faith.

Faith formation seeks to develop the whole person to see things through the eyes of faith, which leads people to a mature adult faith. Catechesis is a lifelong process to develop the spiritual, intellectual and emotional capacity of a person to equip them for the mission that Jesus Christ has begun, to spread the Good News of Salvation to all.

“Catechesis aims therefore at developing understanding of the mystery of Christ in the light of God’s word, so that the whole of a person’s humanity is impregnated by that word. Changed by the working of grace into a new creature, the Christian thus sets himself to follow Christ and learns more and more within the Church to think like Him, to judge like Him, to act in conformity with His commandments, and to hope as He invites us to (Catechesi Tradendae, 20).” – St John Paul II

Jesus Christ beckons us into a relationship with Him, through a life of faith working through love (Gal 5:6). The deposit of faith (Fidei Depositum), entrusted to the apostles by Christ Himself, ushers us into the “life of communion with God” and offers us “entry into his Church” (Porta Fidei, 1).

What is Faith?

“Faith grows and expands when lived as an experience of love received and when it is communicated as an experience of grace and joy. It makes us fruitful, because it expands our hearts in hope and enables us to bear life-giving witness: indeed, it opens the hearts and minds of those who listen to respond to the Lord’s invitation to adhere to his word and become his disciples (Porta Fidei, 7).” – Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

As disciples, fully formed in the Catholic faith, we live our faith through love and daily witnessing. This is what the New Evangelisation entails: a call for all disciples to go out to “Proclaim the Gospel to all the world” (Mark 16:15), fulfilling the mission of Jesus Christ, who came to reveal the love of God to all humanity (1 John 4:10).

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