One of the most important tenets of Catholic Education is raising our children in the Catholic faith. A holistic education system lies where children are raised to be individuals who are morally responsible, good citizens and contribute to the moral fabric of our society.

Catholic education is more than helping our students to get good grades or to compete for entry to the best schools.  Our young people are looking for something more, something that is all encompassing. They seek for those things that can truly give them meaning and purpose in living a fulfilling life. Catholic education seeks to give them a holistic education for life and love; not just for a career, not just for tomorrow, not even for this life on earth only but for eternal life.  The best education we can give, therefore, is an education for life and love.  This is the greatest gift we can give to our children.  It is the best investment for life here on earth and for eternity. Such a kind of education will determine their well-being and happiness.
– Archbishop William Goh

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