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Poll Results show that 96% of Respondents gave a Thumbs-Up to the Bulletin

Sleek layout. Succinct messages. Relevant content. The Archdiocese Bulletin gives a good overview of what’s currently buzzing!

Sylvester Singh, Church of Christ the King
The layout is captivating, the personal stories are touching. I often feel very moved when I read it and am reminded (visually) how many others are using their gifts to serve God.
Julianne Dianelle, Church of St Michael's

I find the design of the bulletin attractive and the content easy to absorb. Instead of reading everything, I just need to tap on what I find interesting.

Mdm Tan KH, St Anne's Church

The Archdiocese Bulletin is awesome! I like the layout and design, it is good, clear, simple and attractive. The content, especially the testimonies are edifying and inspiring for my faith and spiritual journey. I have learnt much about each topic highlighted in the monthly bulletin.

Agnes, Church of the Holy Trinity

The bulletin keeps me updated on current news related to our Church. Some news looks at life in our silly ways, and other news keeps me alert

Anita, Church of the Risen Christ
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