Living the Faith

///Living the Faith

Start to LIVE the Faith

01. The Sacraments

At various stages of our lives as Catholics, we participate in various sacraments. We have seen what happens on the outside; now let’s find out what truly goes on when God gives these sacraments to us. Also, why are these rites important to us?

02. The Eucharist

The Eucharist – the humblest form of the Divine presence.

03. The Mass

Are you just a silent spectator during the holy mass? What does "Sacrifice of the Mass" really mean?

04. Penance & Anointing the Sick

God always welcomes us back to Himself – be it after having sinned or after this life.  What are some ways in which He makes it easier for us to receive His graces here on earth?

05. Matrimony and Holy Orders

Other than being rites of passages into two different vocations, what do these sacred sacraments entail?

06. A Catholic Moral Vision

A study of the science of the Catholic faith. Not just a study of the light, but how this light is written on the hearts of all believers.