How should we approach Holy Saturday?

Fr Jovita tells us that the disposition for Holy Saturday should be one of anticipation of what is to come. It should be a time where we realign our focus to what truly matters.

The Office of Readings on Saturday morning also tell us that Jesus goes to Sheol to free the righteous souls, showing forth His limitless power that extends to all realms. Because He is triumphant, there is an anticipatory joy!

While we have the benefit of knowing His resurrection that is to come, Fr Jovita shares that this should not take us away from meditating with anticipation at the tomb of Christ. Rather than being distracted by other things grabbing for our attention, we need to enter into what Holy Saturday has to offer so that we may transit from sadness to joy, and come to fully appreciate the significance of Easter.

“The whole purpose of christ’s resurrection is to give us new life, new hope, new vision!” – Fr Jovita Ho

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