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The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore oversees a congregation of 360,000 Catholics with 32 churches spread across 5 districts in Singapore. We reach out and engage Catholics from all age groups and walks of life through the following channels:

Official Websites:

Official News & Bulletin:

Official Mobile App:

Official Digital Radio

Official Instant Messaging:

Official Social Media Accounts:

Official Video Platforms: 

Archbishop William Goh’s social media:

Code of Conduct for our Channels

We invite you to dialogue at our social media channels with respect and Christian charity. To foster edifying discussions, we ask that you:
  1. Be kind and courteous, striving for communion and mutual understanding.
  2. In disagreeing, address the issues without attacking the person. Avoid “back and forth” arguing: if your point is clear, stop.
  3. Refrain from judging others’ motivations or spiritual life, which are known to God alone.
  4. Verify your facts before commenting.
  5. Respect our ethos as a Christian social media space that is faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church.
The following are not allowed:
  1. Any form of spam/solicitation.
  2. Comments bashing any religion, race/ethnicity, group, or individual.
  3. Irrelevant, unkind, blasphemous and/or inflammatory comments/links.
  4. Promotion of persons/content, including political causes and products/services.
We reserve the right to remove such comments without warning, and to ban users who persist in flouting the above rules on all our channels.
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