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Notices for Catholics

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1804, 2018

18 APRIL, 2018, Wednesday, 3rd Week of Easter

LIVING WITH THE TENSION OF CHANGE AND GROWTH We are all creatures of habit. We do not like change because change involves adaptation. It means going through the pain of adjustment. But the reality is that nothing remains static. This is true of the development of the Church as well. In a changing world, either we take flight or fight or engage in dialogue. Flight would only make the Church outdated and out of sync with the modern times. Fight would make the Church an enemy of the world. If we just stay in our enclave, we will lose the world entirely. So what is needed is relationship first. It is not to say that doctrines do not matter. Truth matters because love is built on truth. But we need to win over our people with love before we can lead them to a deeper understanding of the truth of love.

1704, 2018

17 APRIL, 2018, Tuesday, 3rd Week of Easter

RESISTING THE HOLY SPIRIT Although we live under the new covenant, many of us are not living the life of Christ. We disobey the teachings of Christ and fail to live the life of Christ. We do not take the Word of God seriously. We pick and choose what we like and not what the Lord tells us. When we read what we like and reject what we do not like, we are not believing in the Word of God but in ourselves. We seek to interpret the Word of God according to our so-called context. We make the Word of God approve what we seek to do. Instead of hearing the Word of God and taking it for what it really is, we make the Word of God adapt to our sinfulness.

1604, 2018

16 APRIL, 2018, Monday, 3rd Week of Easter

WORKING FOR GOD We must never forget that when serving the poor, the needy and the sick, our ultimate goal is not just to feed them, give them material help or even heal them physically, but to give them faith in Jesus. This is what what it means to work for God.

1504, 2018

15 APRIL, 2018, Sunday, 3rd Week of Easter

MISSION TO MAKE SENSE OF THE MYSTERY OF LIFE FOR OTHERS Only those who have faith in the resurrection can live their lives for others and not for themselves because they know that the fullness of life is the resurrected life of which we now have a foretaste. The resurrection is the answer to what life is all about, our calling and our final vocation, which is to be with God, living a transfigured life.

1404, 2018

14 APRIL, 2018, Saturday, 2nd Week of Easter

A RATIONAL RESPONSE TO CRISIS AS A NECESSARY PRELUDE TO FAITH What do we do in the face of problems and challenges? Do we rely totally on our human ingenuity to resolve the issues at hand? Do we dare to let go and let God take over? Today’s gospel urges us to be open to the intervention of divine grace and the impossible, even as we do all we can using our human faculties, and to be prepared to surrender our reason, trusting that the Lord will take charge.