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Notices for Catholics

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1906, 2018

19 JUNE, 2018, Tuesday, 11th Week, Ordinary Time

WHO IS YOUR ENEMY? We must not perceive anyone as our enemy. Rather, we should feel sorry for those who sin and those who hurt us. This is because, as the Lord said, they are ignorant. They are blinded by their wounds, their insecurity, their selfishness and pride. Our task is to turn our enemies into our friends. Our task is to heal. We must not take their vindictiveness personally. This is the best way to win our enemies over, by love, forgiveness and understanding.

1806, 2018

18 JUNE, 2018, Monday, 11th Week, Ordinary Time

DISCERNING LOVE How do we deal with “big babies” in our lives? Do we pander to their childishness, give in to their demands and seek to appease them? Is helping our loved ones to commit sin, even if it makes them apparently happy, the right thing to do? Can we right a wrong with another wrong? Why are we accomplices to their crimes or sins when we know that supporting them is not the right thing to do?

1706, 2018

17 JUNE, 2018, Sunday, 11th Week, Ordinary Time

CO-OPERATING WITH THE GRACE OF GOD God can do great things in us if we allow His grace to work. We only have to be docile to Him and He can transform us. Grace is given to us but without our cooperation, the grace would have been received in vain. In the final analysis, we would have to render an account of how we use His grace in our lives. It behoves us therefore to consider carefully how, having received the grace of God, we justify this grace by living a good and fruitful life. How can we be fruitful disciples of the Lord and confirm our calling?

1606, 2018

16 JUNE, 2018, Saturday, 10th Week, Ordinary Time

COMMITMENT This is the kind of commitment that the Lord asks from us. It must be decisive, total and immediate. Commitment calls for total surrender. Unless we surrender ourselves totally, we cannot speak of commitment. In the final analysis only when God is our true inheritance and when we recognize Him as the ultimate security in our lives, we cannot give that commitment to the Lord and to our fellowmen. Only those who know that the Lord is the one who can give them life, will turn to Him for direction and for consolation.

1506, 2018

15 JUNE, 2018, Friday, 10th Week, Ordinary Time

SINGULAR-MINDEDNESS IN SEEKING FULLNESS OF LIFE IN RIGHT RELATIONSHIPS We are all called to the apostolate of love. In demanding that we cut off anything that prevents us from love and life, Jesus is also telling us that life cannot wait. It requires a radical decision and commitment. Life cannot be lived half-heartedly. We cannot postpone living or postpone loving. It is either a decision to live now or never. We must make a radical commitment to life. To delay is to say to ourselves that we do not want to live. But that would be a contradiction.

1406, 2018

‘Id al-Fitr Message 2018

Dear Muslim friends, Hari Raya Aidil-Fitri! We rejoice with you as you celebrate the end of your holy month of Ramadan with prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Indeed, these are wonderful signs of your desire [...]