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Notices for Catholics

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2004, 2018

20 APRIL, 2018, Friday, 3rd Week of Easter

THE EUCHARIST MUST BE INTERPRETED IN THE CONTEXT OF THE INCARNATION, THE RESURRECTION AND THE CHURCH Faith in the Eucharist is but a continuation and extension of the Incarnation. Only because of the incarnation, is the Eucharist possible. For if the incarnation was possible, why shouldn’t the real presence of the Eucharist be possible, since both are connected with the Father who gives life through the Son? Of course, we know that faith in Jesus’ incarnation and the Eucharist presupposes faith in His resurrection. For it is only because of the resurrection that the Spirit of Jesus could give life to the flesh and therefore makes His presence real in the bread and wine. Without the resurrection, it would not be possible for Jesus to be truly present in the Eucharistic species.

1904, 2018

19 APRIL, 2018, Thursday, 3rd Week of Easter

LEADING OTHERS TO CHRIST OUR TEACHER If Philip was a good pointer to the Lord, it was because he was led and moved by the Spirit. If we want to be used by the Lord to lead others to Him, then we too must be available to the Lord like Philip. We must not resist the Holy Spirit but be attentive to how He leads us. By all means, we must prepare and plan but we must also be receptive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit who is one of surprises. Finally, if we are to be true guides to others in bringing them to the Lord, we must not make ourselves the focus of attention.