15 Mar 2019 (Friday) –  The Catholic Church in Singapore stands together with the Muslim community here and all peace-loving people to reject the violence in today’s attacks on two mosques in New Zealand. We are deeply saddened by the carnage. Such deeds remind us of the importance of promoting inter-faith dialogues.

We must also never take religious harmony for granted but always inculcate in our people the importance of being sensitive in their words and actions in our relations with people of other faiths. It is also important that we must sow the right seeds especially among our young in all forms teaching them tolerance, mutual respect and appreciation of other faiths. We must be watchful that we do not allow any organization or social media or any form of entertainment to sow seeds of hatred, violence and rebellion.

Our thoughts and prayers go to those who lost their loved ones. May God comfort them and give them the strength to move on. For those who are injured, we pray that they have a speedy recovery. Let us not be “overcome by evil; but overcome evil by good.” (Romans 12:21)

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Issued by Communications, Archbishop’s Office, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore

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