Fr Jovita recalls his Maundy Thursday experiences from his earlier days – the hot cross buns and fake bird’s nest drinks that he enjoyed, and of course, the short prayers that were said while he journeyed in between churches.

The practice of visiting churches on Maundy Thursday first began with his family and was sustained when he was a teen. What he enjoyed most about it when he was a teen, was simply being able to spend the day with his friends, gathering to pray and be with the Lord. It was the fellowship with his community that he held close to his heart.

However, he has since altered the way in which he spends Maundy Thursday. While he does not discourage any of us from this practice that many of us grew up with, Fr Jovita shares that remaining in one church to keep vigil with the Lord has been more fruitful for him.

Fr Jovita also shares with us the disposition to enter into communion with the Lord on Maundy Thursday.

“God speaks in the silence of the heart. Listening is the beginning of prayer.” – St Teresa of Calcutta

We get easily distracted by what is going around us and often when we go for church visitation on Maundy Thursday, it seems much like an excursion. Silence helps us to calm the chaos of our minds, hearts and souls. Interior silence helps us to be aware of God’s presence, to remain focus on the intention and desire to enter into communion with the Lord.

Maybe a small step to help us focus on the Lord could be to keep our mobile phones aside, and to pray. For those of us who are unable to focus, Fr Jovita assures us not to be disappointed for the Lord is always patient with us and His grace is sufficient for us.

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