Guidelines on Veneration of Ancestors during Masses:

  1. Veneration of ancestors is permitted within a Liturgical service.
  2. Those who wish to organise Masses with ancestral veneration must ensure that they provide all participants proper explanation of the symbols and gestures that are used.
  3. With sensitivity and respect for the larger parish community, these Masses are not to be celebrated during scheduled principal Mass times.
  4. Tables used for ancestral veneration must not be placed near the main altar or in the sanctuary.
  5. For parishes organising these Masses, the Liturgical Commission must be consulted to ensure that these Masses are celebrated with solemnity and dignity in accordance with Liturgical norms.
  6. Parish Priests organising these Masses will be responsible for answering to any queries that may arise.

“Approved by the Archbishop in consultation with the Senate of Priests”