Programmes run by the Catholic Church in Singapore

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Children & Youths
   Cafe Verona and Thrift Shop
   Clinical intervention centre
   Mentoring and leadership training
   Out of School Hours Programme
   PreTEENS: prepares pre-teens for secondary school
   Residential Programme
   Youth training, resource and research
Faith, Communion & Healing
   Eucharistic Celebration / Communion Service
   Faith Exploration, Development & Formation
   Intercessory Prayer : Inner Healing & Counseling
   Scriptures Sharing
   Families facing transitional challenges
   Family Planning : Creates awareness about Natural Family Planning programme (NFP)
   Natural Family Planning
Financial, Legal Aid & Medical
   Financial Aid for Migrants
   Free Legal Aid
   Free Medical Clinics
   Medical & nursing care
   Medical : Medical & first aid coverage to church events, masses for the sick and feast day's celebrations
   Organises annual retreats and year-end social together for local and foreign nurses
Food for the needy
   Food Relief Programme
   Food via the Bread Basket program
Foreign & Migrant Workers
   Advocacy and Public Education
   Befriending through our network of migrant befrienders
   Counselling for Migrants
   Training for Foreign Workers (Basic self care)
   Befriending services to patients with Aids under the Catholic Aids Relief Effort (CARE)
   HIV/AIDS Befriending
   HIV/AIDS Counselling
   HIV/AIDS Outreach
   HIV/AIDS Support
Jobs, Employment & Training
   Employment Opportunities
   Language and skills training
   Beginning Experience
   Couple Empowerment Programme
   Marriage Retorno
   Retrouvalille : Lifeline for Troubled & Hurting Marriages
   Worldwide Marriage Encounter
Marriage Preparation
   Catholic Engaged Encounter
   Marriage Preparation Course
Pastoral Care & Outreach
   Courage and Encourage Singapore
   Organises pastoral care workshops for lay people
   Pastoral & community outreach programmes towards the sick, disabled and elderly (local & neighbouring countries)
   Pastoral Assistance & Concierge: Ex-Offenders
   Pastoral Assistance & Concierge: Impacted Families
   Pregnancy Crisis Service
   Prison Ministry: Administering Sacraments to those in prison
Relationships & Life
   Choice Singapore
   Couples for Christ
   Social Circus : inculcates a sense of giving to others
Relaxation, Rehabilitation & therapy
   Holistic Training for the physically challenged
   Mental wellness and relaxation sessions for specific age groups / occupations
   Occupational therapy
   Physical, emotional & psychological support
   Psycho-education / treatment groups for institutionalized populations
   Recreational therapy
   Rehabilitation & Training Programmes
Sports & Music
   Music lessons : develops potential for musically inclined children
   Percussion : develops potential in music and movement
   Sports, social and recreational activities
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