General FAQs

Does the Archdiocese of Singapore publish an official Directory?2019-09-19T10:33:05+08:00

Yes, the directory is published every two years by the Chancery. The online directory can be found here. For more info, please contact Chancery +65 6336 9408 or a good local Catholic bookshop to purchase a copy.

I would like to make a financial gift to the Archdiocese. How can I go about doing that?2019-09-19T10:31:50+08:00

God bless you. Click on Give tab to find out more.

Thank you for praying for me. I have a testimony to my prayer request.2019-09-19T10:30:59+08:00

Praise God! Share your testimony here to encourage the community and give glory to God.

I would like someone to pray for me.2019-09-19T10:13:51+08:00

We would love to pray for you. Submit a prayer request here.

I am not financially well off and would appreciate some help with financial aid and food rations.2019-09-19T10:13:04+08:00

The Society of St Vincent de Paul (SSVP) serves the underprivileged through financial aid and rations distribution including home visitations. Please contact the SSVP council closest to your district to inform them of your need.

Are there any programmes that would help in my Faith Formation and Growth?2019-09-19T10:08:58+08:00

Individual Parishes have formation programmes that are available. You might like to also check out Archdiocesan Biblical ApostolateCatholic Theological Institute of Singapore, or Kingsmead Centre, for their list of activities. St Francis Xavier Major Seminary offers Philosophical, liturgical, biblical or theological courses available for laypersons and religious as well. The Eventstab has updates on latest courses as well.

I would like to know more about the Church’s on-going events and activities.2019-09-19T10:08:08+08:00

Do visit the Event Page for latest updates.

I would like to enrol my child in a Catholic school in Singapore.2019-09-19T10:07:05+08:00

Please visit the Archdiocesan Commission for Catholic Schools’ Website for the complete list of Catholic Schools.

I would like to attend lunchtime masses but my office is not near any Catholic Church.2019-09-19T10:06:21+08:00

The Catholic Prayer Society has organised masses for working professionals in Orchard, Suntec, Outram, Central Business District, Jurong and Changi Areas. Click here for a list of schedules.

My fiancé and I are recently married in the Catholic Church. We are planning to visit Rome for our honeymoon and want to receive a Papal blessing (Sposi Novelli) from the Pope.2019-09-19T10:05:30+08:00

For enquiries on Sposi Novelli, please contact Regina from the Chancery at +65 6336 9408 or email [email protected]

What should I do before my wedding in Church?2019-09-19T10:04:48+08:00

Couples are advised to attend the Marriage Preparation Course or Engaged Encounter before your Church wedding. You might like to speak to your Parish Priest or a Priest you are close to journey with you both a year before the date of your wedding. Booking of facilities for your wedding should be done with the Parish Secretariat itself.

Where can I seek advice and Spiritual Direction regarding Vocation Discernment?2019-09-19T10:03:46+08:00

Please have a read at our Vocations page. If you are interested in priesthood, speak to Vocation Directors by clicking on Priestly Vocations at the end of the page. For religious life, please explore the list of communities available under Consecrated Life (end of the page).

I am a Catholic and I am thinking of returning to the faith. Where do I begin?2019-09-19T10:02:54+08:00

You can speak to a friend or a priest, or answer the invitation by speaking to someone from Landings.
Click here.

I am a Christian and have been baptised before. I would like to be received in communion with the Catholic Church. How can I proceed?2019-09-19T10:02:13+08:00

The Catholic Church recognises valid Christian baptism as baptism with water using the Trinitarian formula (in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Where your baptism is recognised as valid, you will not need to be baptised but will join the RCIA journey as a Christian candidate seeking reception into full communion with the Catholic Church. Where after investigation there is still doubt regarding the validity of the baptism you have received, you will be baptised conditionally.

I am a Baptised Catholic but have not received the Sacrament of Confirmation. Where can I go to continue my journey?2019-09-19T10:00:59+08:00

Take a look at our RCIA FAQs to find out how you can receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

I am interested in being confirmed or being baptised in the Catholic Church.2019-09-19T10:00:04+08:00

The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) or Youths (RCIY) is conducted on a Parish level.
Find a Parish near you or click on list of available RCIA/RCIY journeys.

I am interested in becoming a Catholic. What do I do?2019-09-19T09:59:07+08:00

You can learn more about the Catholic faith here.
Take a look at our RCIA FAQs to find out how you can get started.

Where can I find my Baptismal or Marriage records?2019-09-19T09:57:51+08:00

Sacramental records are maintained at individual parishes where the sacraments were administered.
Please click here for a complete list of parishes.

Pastoral Services

How do I receive a House Blessing?2019-09-19T11:13:32+08:00

Approach a Priest or Deacon directly to arrange for a house blessing.

I would like for my newborn child to receive Infant Baptism.2019-09-19T11:15:09+08:00

Contact your Parish or call your Parish Secretariat on Infant Baptism Schedules.
Different Parishes have various weekends for baptism.

I would like to submit a mass offering for an intention.2019-09-19T11:16:04+08:00

Contact the Parish that you frequent to submit mass offerings and your intentions.
There is a small amount stipulated for mass offerings.

When can I request for the Holy Communion for the sick and home-bound?2019-09-19T11:16:49+08:00

Please contact the Parish nearest to you for your request.

When can I ask for Anointing for the Sick?2019-09-19T11:18:04+08:00

If Anointing for the Sick is required before an operation, please contact a priest from your Parish before admission to hospital.

Where can I find a Priest to minister the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick to a family member?2019-09-19T11:18:49+08:00

Please contact a Priest from the Parish nearest the hospital to visit you. Priests of the churches closest to the main hospitals in Singapore are usually available for any Catholic who are hospitalised and are in need of a priest’s help. They visit the hospitals on a regular basis to bring communion to the sick and if informed they will visit you.

See list below for easy reference:

Hospital Pastoral Care – List of Hospitals under Church Pastoral Care

In cases of emergency, when a patient is in need of the Anointing of the Sick and a priest from the nearby church is unavailable, any priest who receives a call (and is available) will go to the hospital.

Funeral Guide & Policy2019-09-19T11:40:56+08:00

Policy for Funerals in the Archdiocese of Singapore

Funerals are often a time of distress for families and funeral arrangements under these circumstances can be challenging to coordinate multiple issues. The Archdiocese of Singapore in helping to streamline the course of action for families of the deceased is establishing broad principles which would assist the families.

  1. As a principle the funeral is normally arranged at the parish of the deceased.
  2. The parish of the deceased is determined by the parish that he/she normally had been attending for their Masses and liturgical services.
  3. Before arranging a time or day of funeral and cremation, do contact the parish concerned to determine the availability of a priest.
  4. In the event that the parish that was contacted is not the parish of the deceased, it would be the duty of the secretary to forward the information to the relevant parish and inform the families concerned.
  5. The parish secretary will assist in sourcing a priest of the parish or another priest for the families to conduct the funeral rites.
  6. For all other logistics in relation to the funeral day and rites, it will then be directed to the parish that will be conducting the funeral.
  7. In the case of dispute, the territorial parish will assume responsibility for the funeral.
  8. If the parish venue is not available, the parish should arrange for an alternative venue.
  9. In exceptional cases, the Mass for the funeral can be held at the venue of the wake.

Senate Communications – August 2018

Visiting or Moving to Singapore?

Where is the Cathedral of Good Shepherd located at?2019-09-19T11:26:32+08:00

The Cathedral is located at A Queen Street, Singapore 188533.
It is accessible by a 5 min walk from City Hall MRT, or 2 minutes walk across the street from Bras Basah MRT.

Which Parish is in my neighborhood?2019-09-19T11:24:45+08:00

Information regarding parishes is available by clicking here. Choose the district or Parish closest to you to get more information.

Where and what time are Masses conducted?2019-09-19T11:23:55+08:00

Click on ‘Visit & Mass‘ tab for Mass Schedules and locations.

I am a migrant looking to improve on some basic skills.2019-09-19T11:22:42+08:00

Please have a look at ACMI’s list of training courses.

I am visiting Singapore during the season of Lent, Easter, Advent, Christmas. I would like to attend a Good Friday Service, Easter Mass or Christmas mass.2019-09-19T11:21:56+08:00

Dates of mass timings for these liturgical seasons are published closer to the seasons. Refer to the list here.

I am a migrant working in Singapore and I would like to attend Mass in my native language.2019-09-19T11:20:44+08:00

Please click here for a list of mass schedules in other languages.

I am visiting Singapore and staying in the City Area. How do I find the nearest Catholic Church nearest to me to attend Mass?2019-09-19T11:19:55+08:00

You can attend Mass in the City District. For a list of mass timings, click here.

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