What is Easter?

To Fr Jovita, it’s more than just a date in the Liturgical Calendar. Easter, to him, is an encounter with the Lord. Easter is profoundly experienced when we can identify with the passion of Christ.

His Easter Encounter is happened during a critical stage of his life when he was hospitalised and the doctors said he almost lost his life. In this near-death experience, Fr Jovita rose from the pits of death with our Lord Jesus. The Gospel of John, chapter 21 spoke deeply to Fr Jovita. As “Jesus stood on the shore” in John 21:4, Fr Jovita shares that “Jesus stood at the shore of my heart.” Jesus came to look for him, He stood there and never moved away.

To experience such deep encounter, Fr Jovita encourages each of us to be patient, to be open and mostly, to be humble. The Lord’s way of revealing His Easter promises to us is never by our way and our time. It will happen when we need it and when He wills it.

Easter is mystery we enter into and embrace, only then will we experience the joy of who He is to us. Joy, we must remember, is not the absence of suffering, it is an assurance of who He is for us.

Let us allow ourselves to be led, then, to where the Lord wants us to be.

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