Read This First

The Events Calendar’s purpose is to highlight and create awareness for upcoming events and NOT to show actual duration of events. Please keep this in mind as you submit events.

Announcement and Advertising Request Form

In compliance to the latest PDPA and church regulations, please ensure that you complete and send this form to us before submitting your event details online.

Statement of Suitability for Ministry

  1. For talks to be given by foreign speakers (applies to visiting clergy, religious or laity), the organisers are to adhere to the archdiocese Statement of Suitability for Ministry policy of submitting the necessary documentation for approval to the Chancery, before the event/talk can be advertised.

Event Submission Rules

  • Only events organised by a parish or an organisation listed with the Chancery are allowed
  • Only for registered users. If not, parishes and listed organisations may request here
  • Read the Event Submission Guide below. Errors on a form may result in rejection
  • Your event is open to all and not restricted to just attendees from your parish or organisation
  • All event details are reviewed. Please allow for 2 working days before your posting is displayed

Event Details that will not be posted

  • Regular and recurring events like Eucharistic Adoration, Devotionals, and Masses in other languages. These should be mentioned in the Church Directory section instead (contact us). However, the introduction or periodical promotion of such events may be allowed.
  • Events that are not in adherence to the teachings and magisterium of the Church or without the completed Announcement and Advertising form.
  • We reserve the right to withhold or edit any posting that do not comply with regulations

Event Submission Video Guide

Event Submission Guide

Download and read the comprehensive user guider (recommended) or read this brief explanation

  • Event Title: Use words that describe your event clearly while avoiding vague words and short-forms. Use terms that may be understood by anyone. Eg: “RCIA Journey 58” may be better described as “Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults @ Church of the Holy Family”
  • Event Description: Try using short points for clarity instead of long paragraphs or sentences. Be clear on the call-to-action. Eg:  telephone, email, webpage or an online form.
  • Event Categories:
    • Select  all main categories – 1) All Audiences, 2) All Subject Matters , and 3) All Types of Setting, followed by…
    • Audience: Select your participants. Eg: Your event may be for anyone but designed for couples
    • Subject Matter: What will the event be about?
    • Setting: What structure and setting will the event have?
  • Event Image: Useful to highlight and brand your event. However it is not compulsory.
  • Event Date: Select dates/times if its an event that lasts less than a day. If not, refer below:
    • Events with multiple dates and/or days (eg. RCIA  or a 3-day retreat) , and do NOT allow midway joiners – Select only the FIRST DAY’s Start and End date/time in the form. Do state duration dates in the Event Description field. Do NOT use the “recurrence” event setting.
    • Events which recur and do NOT allow midway joiners – Apply the same guidelines as the above
    • Events which recur and allows for midway joiners – Do create event posting as recurring series
  • Venue Details: For the physical address of the building. Select from the drop-down list. If the record does not exist, create a new record. Insert room/hall details are under “Additional Fields”
  • Organiser Details: For Archdiocesan-level organisations or Parishes.  Select from the drop-down list. If the record does not exist, create a new record. If the organiser is parish-level (eg: RCIA min.), insert details under “Additional Fields.

If you wish to submit your event details to the CatholicNews, please click here instead

Notes on Parish-level Events and Foreign Speakers

  • Parish-level Events: Permission of the parish priest is required before submission
  • Parish-level talks with lay speakers: Permission of the parish priest is required before submission
  • Foreign Speakers: Any parish or organization intending to bring into Singapore a foreigner who will be involved in activities directly related to the organization or conduct of any seminar, conference, workshop, or gatherings, including any foreign religious worker giving talks (up to a maximum of 60 days) is required to apply for a “Miscellaneous Work Pass” from the Ministry of Manpower. Failure to comply may result in being prosecuted under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act. This requirement is in addition to the other requirements related to the Statement of Suitability for Ministry that is required by the Archdiocese.  Further information on the requirements from the Ministry of Manpower may be found at their website or from the Archdiocesan Chancery (ref: Chancery Notice – 2 September 2014).
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