Background on Announcement & Advertisement Request (AAR)

Who is AAR for?

Parishes, Official church ministries / groups or organisations who wish to place announcement(s) or advertisement(s) regarding event(s) in the following Archdiocese media channel(s):

  1. This website’s events section and/or
  2. Print media (for example Hai Sing Pao, CatholicNews, etc)
  3. Parishes holding RCIA are exempt from the need of the AAR
The AAR is not required for the following instances
  1. For Parish Feast Day celebrations like fun fair and masses
  2. For RCIA Programs led by authorised local priests*
  3. For “special” masses celebrated by authorised local priests*

*Foreign priests require a Statement of Suitability for Ministry application (SSM). See below

What are the AAR Requirements?

Complete & submit the Announcement & Advertisement Form before submitting the event for publication. This process ensures legitimacy of the speakers; compliance with privacy laws (like the Personal Data Protection Act – PDPA) and also facilitates the promotion of the event in the Archdiocese.

The AAR Process & Event Submission

If you are new to this AAR process, please do the following:

(A) Does your event has foreign (visiting) Speaker / Presenter or Facilitator * ?
(B) Download this form
(C) Print and complete this form
  • Please print or complete the AAR form using a pdf reader.
(D) Submit completed AAR Form by Email
  • Email the completed form in PDF or JPEG via this email address  [email protected]
  • Please include the number of Speakers / Presenters / Facilitators and whether they are local/foreign.
  • If you have promotion materials (e.g. poster, images or additional text for the announcement of event), attach the promotion materials in the email as well in PDF or JPEG format.
Definition of terms used
a)  Speaker is defined as the person delivering a speech or teaching on the topic that the event covers.
b)  Presenter is defined as person who organises the event as a host, leading participants in the flow of the event structure.
c)  Facilitator refers to event having group sharing or discussion led by the main facilitator or person in charge.

 By submitting your details via this email, these details will be also forwarded to these following parties: Chancery, ArchComms, Catholic News and Hai Sing Pao.

(E) Create and Submit the Event

There are 3 possible channels that you can submit and promote your event on and these are individually and seperately managed.

  1. To submit an event on, read and understand the Event Submission Rules and Process; and proceed to submit event.
  2. To submit an event on Catholic News, please speak to them on the requirements.
  3. To submit an event to Hai Sing Pao, please speak to them on the requirements.
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