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Learning to Listen and Facilitate (Intensive Course)
Dates: 28 September, 2019 (Saturday) & 05 October, 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 9am – 5pm (both days) – Registration starts at 8.30am

Venue: *Church of The Holy Cross
450, Clementi Avenue 1, Singapore 129955

Course Description 
One of the fundamental tasks of catechesis is the initiation and education in community life (GDC #86), for we recognize that the Christian community is the source, locus and means of catechesis (GDC # 158 & #254). However, ‘Christian community life is not realized spontaneously’ (GDC #86) – it needs to be cultivated.  Bringing people to a deeper love of the Truth is done more effectively through small group interactions and by doing so, we are intentionally modelling how Christian communities could come together to share their ‘God-encounters with each other’ in a ‘dialogue of faith-and-life'(Tenets of the New Evangelisation).

In respect of this, the catechist and/or facilitator plays an important role as an ‘active witness to the Gospel, capable of sharing with others the fruits of his/her mature faith as well as stimulating intelligently the common search for faith’ (GDC #159).

In this course, participants will learn the key to facilitating small faith-sharing groups – which is how to listen authentically – as well as the practical skills needed to help the individuals and community grow in faith.

Session 1: Listen with Awareness
At the heart of authentic conversation is listening. Am I aware of what and how I am listening to self, God and the other? What am I really listening for? This inaugural session explores the language of listening and how my growing awareness is foundational toward listening from authenticity.

Session 2: Listen from Authenticity        

When I become more aware of what I am listening to in my conversations, I may ask, “Is it authentic?” This second instalment examines the question, “how do I know and how do I listen from the wellsprings of authenticity that reside in me, in my inward being?”

Session 3: Listen to Act

“The extent to which one responds in authenticity is the extent to which one is open to be affected.” In this session the crux of the question is, “how am I listening to my neighbour today?” The one who has truly listened is the one who acts in mercy and compassion.

Sessions 4 & 5: Facilitating for Growth

Having learned to listen authentically, we look more closely at the role of the facilitator in a small faith-sharing group. We will explore and practise the skills needed to facilitate small group sessions as well as cover communication basics including managing conflict and enabling all participants to share.

  • This course is for anyone facilitating small group discussions especially youth Catechetical facilitators & RCIA facilitators.
  • Catechetical Coordinators & Level Coordinators for children and/or youth
  • All Catechists & Assistants Catechists
  • Catechetical Assistants & Facilitators 

To REGISTER go to this link: https://cms.catechesis.org.sg/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=384

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