Christianity and other Religions

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Living in multi-religious Singapore is a challenge for Christians. We have to learn to understand and relate to our fellow non-Christian Singaporeans. Is our approach merely tolerating the differences without accepting their beliefs? Or do we accept that we are all teaching and believing in something that is fundamentally the same but we have expressed it differently? Or for the sake of religious harmony, we have to ignore our differences?

And what about our Christian identity? If there is only one Christian Faith as Letter to the Ephesians states, One Lord, One Faith and One Baptism, but why then are there so many Christian denominations that contradict each other? Are these differences important? Even if there are differences can we just ignore the differences and merely focus on the similarities and work together as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ?

A Personal Sharing and Faith Testimony by Longinus Dismas Chew.

Longinus Dismas Chew works as a lay chaplain in a Catholic school and also helps out as a pastoral staff with a parish. Currently he is pursuing theological studies with the Catholic Theological Institute of Singapore. Formerly he worked as a MOE teacher for several years.

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