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HopeHouse Ltd

Address: HopeHouse
St Patrick's School
490 East Coast Road
Singapore 429058
Email: [email protected]
Tel:+65 6348 1959 (Office)


Vision: An oasis of Hope

Mission: Giving youths hope for a new beginning.

* To give youths (aged 16 to 21 years) the hope, care and support that can make a difference to help and guide them back to meaningful lives.

* To provide a home environment that is conducive for their emotional, social, and educational developments and to enable them to grow their full potential.

* To facilitate the reintegration back into their families and to society; to nurture them to become responsible adults.

* HopeHouse is also an approved Institution of a Public Character (IPC Number 000728)

Bro Collin Wee FSC
Home Mentor
Henry Tsen
Office Administrator
[email protected]
Contact:+65 6348 1959


Social Welfare

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