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Landings Singapore and Malaysia

Address:  c/o Church of St Anthony
25 Woodlands Avenue 1
Singapore 739064
Email:  [email protected]


Our Mission: Welcoming Returning Catholics : To reach out with a spirit of welcome to Catholics who have been away from Church but are now wanting to return, and to support them in their returning process for them to re-encounter God's Love.

Our Vision: For the many Catholics who are away from Church to know that God is very present in their personal lives, and to have an intimate encounter with him, giving them an experience that will lead them back to God and a meaningful faith life.

Tony See
Coordinator: Singapore & Malaysia
[email protected]
Rev Fr Andrew Wong
Coordinating Priest
[email protected]
Rev Fr Thomas A. Kane CSP
Director: Paulist Reconciliation Ministries and Landings International
[email protected]
Laura Beh
Coordinator, Landings International
[email protected]


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