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Canossaville Children's Home (CCH)

Address: 1 Sallim Road (Gate 3)
Singapore 387621
Email: [email protected]
Tel:+65 6748 5777
Fax:+65 6748 0381


We emphasize formation of the heart and Christ-centred values in working to nurture happy, confident, resilient and creatively other-centred children.

Our Work: Canossaville Children's Home offers Residential Care to girls aged between 6-12 years who come from family situations which may put them at risk. Our Student Care Centre is an Integrated Student Care Centre which accepts children with special needs. The centre provides a safe and nurturing environment for children before or after school.

Wong Lai Chun
Executive Director
Residential Service
Contact:+65 6748 5777
Student Services (Day Care and Residential)
Contact:+65 6748 5777, Fax: +65 6748 0381


Children & Aged Homes
Families, Children & Youth

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