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  • Install TELEGRAM and get official, important, verified information first-hand
  • Our channel’s name is “CatholicSG“. Search and join this channel if you already have Telegram
  • It is the official instant messaging channel of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore

How To Get On Board?

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  2. Follow the onscreen instructions
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FAQs About Our Official IM Platform

The Church needs a communications platform to convey information on security emergencies, fake news, etc., directly to her members in a timely manner.

Instant Messaging (IM) is the ideal platform today for publishing important information quickly. It addresses two main objectives on one platform:

  • Authenticated and direct from the Church
  • Instantly to mobile phones

Urgent Messages

  • Security and safety notifications
  • Debunk trending fake news
  • Clarification trending Church messages

Important Messages

  • From Vatican, Archdiocese and Archbishop
  • Advisory on dubious speakers and online sites
  • Information on days of obligation, etc

The Telegram App has some advantages over other IM apps:

  • Privacy: A member’s mobile number cannot be viewed by another member
  • Anti-Spam: Members are not able to send messages to other members
  • Growth: No member limit for Telegram channels
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