Catholic or Religious Related News

Chancery Notices for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore

The Chancery is an arm of the Archbishop’s offices to assist the Archdiocese in its administrative functions and governance and to preserve and safeguard documents for the Church’s future. It issues Chancery Notices periodically and when there is time-sensitive and official information that needs to be published.

Visit this page to verify the information you’ve received about priests’ health, appointments and similar matters. If the information or news is not published here, then it is likely to be fake news or it is supposed to be confidential.

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The National Catholic Register is the oldest national Catholic newspaper in the United States and is a service of EWTN. National Catholic Register is a privately owned, US-based news service which curates a good archive of articles relating to hoaxes and fake news. Use their SEARCH bar and use key words like “hoax” with your selected subject.

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General News

The Online Touchstone of Research on Rumours and Misinformation

Regarded as an online touchstone of research on rumours and misinformation, hundreds of articles have been cited by authors in a variety of disciplines, and various of their articles have been published in textbooks currently in use in the U.S. and Canadian school systems.

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Counteract Criminal Activities on Common Types of Internet Scams

Hoax-Slayer helps stop the continued circulation of these hoaxes by publishing information about them. Hoax-Slayer also aims to counteract criminal activities by publishing information about common types of Internet scams and providing examples of scam messages.

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Mythbusting Urban Legends and Internet Rumours

TruthOrFiction, founded in 1999, is a “mythbusting” website about urban legends, Internet rumours, e-mail forwards, hoaxes, requests for help and other questionable pictures or stories.

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Singapore Government Agencies Related News

Public Awareness of Scams in Singapore

Part of the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), Scam Alert! promotes public awareness of and concern about scams and to propagate the concept of self-help in prevention of scams.

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Latest Policy Announcements, Information and News on Singapore

The portal is the official online communication platform and repository of the Singapore Government, providing you with the latest policy announcements, information and news on Singapore.

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