These listicles, long-form articles and case studies provide tips, inspiration and insights on how we can do our part to fight fake news.

The Bread of Life

Although we recall the mystery of the Eucharist at every liturgy, the feast of Corpus Christi uniquely refocuses our vision. It reminds us all of our poverty and neediness. Spiritually, we cannot live without the nourishment of Christ. And it is by being fed with the Word of God in both the Scriptures and in the Sacrament that we receive life.

The Battle Against Lies

What would your response be when you are faced with trials? Wouldn't the most natural response be to drown in despair and give up on the future that now seem to be crashing in on you?

The A-Word

Alleluia is a pure and perfect word. It is the song that contains all songs as a pure and perfect seed. It is the song we sing when all words and all letters fall short before the eternal glory of Jesus Christ the King.

Repent and Pray

The Good News of Fátima could be summed up in two words: repent and pray.

Trust in the Resurrection

Understanding completely how the resurrection happened is not necessary to trust in the mystery. We trust that one day he will raise us up to his heavenly kingdom. Trusting in the Lord’s mysteries is where we find peace and happiness.

Limping Along the Way of Truth

Our progress in the Christian life may seem slow—sometimes pitifully slow—but limping on the way is far better than racing towards destruction. For one who limps along the way, even though he makes just a little progress, is approaching his destination; but if one walks off the way, the faster he goes the further he gets from his destination.

Joseph/Jesus the Worker

Work of itself is not a curse but a sharing in God’s own work of creation, a redemptive and redeeming act, noble of itself and worthy of the best in man—even as it was worthy of God himself

The Heart of Penance

“Repent, and believe in the Gospel.” The heart of the Gospel, the good news that Jesus brings, is that He is God and loves us more than any mere human could. When we believe in the Gospel, we believe in Jesus’s saving love for us, and this is our best motivation for penance.