Thursday. 22 Oct 2020

The dates for booking Masses in November will be made available on 27 October 2020 (first mass booking) and 10 November 2020 (second mass booking).

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Friday. 16 Oct 2020

With effect from Saturday, 17 October at 0900 hrs, our Catholic faithful will be able to make a one-time change of their parish church via under their myProfile page.

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Thursday. 1 Oct 2020

MCCY has recently announced that with effect from 3 Oct 2020, places of worship may conduct congregational and other worship services with up to 100 persons (up from the current 50) at a time, subject to safe management measures. Our churches will be gradually expanding Mass slots to 100 persons, subject to demand, over the next 1-2 months

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Thursday. 17 Sep 2020

Bookings for October Masses begin next Tuesday, 22nd Sept. For the first booking on 22nd Sept, the one weekend one Mass rule prevails. The two-weekend booking will only commence on 13th Oct.

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Saturday. 12 Sep 2020

You may book for a second weekend Mass based on the availability of seats. Booking on MARS for the second weekend Mass begins on Sept 15th, Tuesday at 9am. The second weekend Mass Booking is a pilot, for unfilled seats for the rest of the month of September.

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Wednesday. 26 Aug 2020

With the continued low transmission of COVID-19 in the community, and as part of the gradual safe resumption of activities, churches* are allowed, from 1 Sept, to accept columbarium visitors who are not presently registered with them under the Mass Attendance Registration System (MARS). However, this must be managed strictly on an appointment system according to prevailing government guidelines.

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Thursday. 20 Aug 2020

Mass slots are available for booking on for month of September 2020. You must have a registered account to login and book.

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Thursday. 06 Aug 2020

Our COVID-19 Taskforce has already identified two churches that are ready to participate in the next pilot project when available.

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Thursday. 23 Jul 2020

Visit to know when you can start booking for Masses (August 2020). You can now book for more than one weekday Mass per month. Weekend* Mass allocation still remains at one per month.

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Monday. 20 Jul 2020

You can now book any number of weekday Masses with a limit of attending one weekday Mass per day on For weekend Mass, the policy remains at one booking per month.

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Sunday. 5 Jul 2020

A note of thanks and Reminders from COVID-19 Task Force and the team. We would like to remind all our Brothers and Sisters that it is very important that you be mindful of the instructions when you enter MARS and ensure that the information you provide is accurate – at the first instance. Check and review the information you put in before confirming. At this initial stage, once a Mass timing is booked changes cannot be made. This is because information in the online system is processed in real-time and booking confirmations are instantly made.

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Wednesday. 1 Jul 2020

Registration for MARS has started. The complete list of Booking of Mass schedules has been released on
Before you book, you have to register for an account.

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Monday. 29 Jun 2020

Some of our churches resume Masses this weekend and so the booking for Mass slots will commence this Wednesday 1 July 2020. The Booking Start Time is staggered to help smoothen the online booking experience for you. More information will be released in the coming days for the churches not listed. Many churches will start their resumption plans with a smaller number of Masses in July so that they will be able to familiarise themselves with the safety procedures. We ask for your continued patience and prayers for the priests and volunteers as they continue to work hard to prepare the churches for everyone’s safety.

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Sunday. 28 Jun 2020

Have you registered at All individual Catholics are encouraged to do so as soon as possible. The booking of slots for Mass will commence this coming Wednesday, 1 July 2020 at 9am. We remind our Catholics that they are not required to attend Mass to fulfil the Sunday obligation. This dispensation is in force until further notice. Online Mass will continue to be available.

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Friday. 26 Jun 2020

Reminder from COVID-19 Task Force and the team. opens tomorrow at 9am, 27 Jun 2020 (Sat) for the Registration of all individual Catholics. High traffic expected, expect access problems. Come back later if you experience trouble accessing the site. Do help our Seniors without access to computers and smartphones to assist them with this process. Call for Volunteers: If you are able-bodied to help with Mass resumption, please contact the church you’ve registered to attend Mass at. Calling also for front-end (React), back-end dev, UI/UX designer, UX writer, product manager to volunteer in the Digital Church Team.

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Thursday. 25 Jun 2020

Update from COVID-19 Task Force and the team. Registration at opens at 9am on Sat 27 June, but there’s no need to rush. Keep a look out for announcements from your registered church or from the Archdiocese in the coming week/s for resumption plans. Please reach out to our silver seniors without access to computers and smartphones to assist them with this process.

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Wednesday. 24 Jun 2020

Gradual resumption of Mass. Our churches will progressively open throughout July. Keep an eye out for your church to give instructions on when Mass resumes. To ensure that the Catholic Church in Singapore does her best to (1) keep everyone safe and (2) to have a fair system for the allocation for Masses, the Mass Attendance Registration System (MARS) has been developed within a new portal, Register for MARS from this Saturday, 27 June 2020 from 9 am onwards.

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Thursday. 18 Jun 2020

MCCY has on 18 June 2020 announced that public religious services in Singapore will be permitted but on a much reduced scale and with strict guidelines which must be adhered to. In the coming weeks, the Catholic Church will continue to work with the authorities to prepare for the gradual resumption of Masses and other religious activities in our churches so that we can all help keep Singapore safe for everyone. More information will be released in due course. In the meantime, we ask for your patience and continued prayers.

MCCY’s notice | Inform me when Mass resumes

Tuesday, 2 Jun 2020

Following consultations with MCCY, parishes fulfilling the requirements for safe distancing (with volunteer support, if necessary) will be allowed to re-open for private worship.

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Pastoral Letter from Archbishop William Goh on the continued closure of churches during Phase 1 of Singapore’s re-opening after circuit breaker. Weddings and funerals may go ahead.

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Indefinite postponement of the diaconal ordination of Br. Justin Yip due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

The Catholic Church will not solemnise marriages via video link, in light of the Covid-19 (Temporary Measures for Solemnization and Registration of Marriages) Bill passed in Parliament on 5 May 2020. Weddings must continue to take place in person.

Thursday, 23 Apr 2020

Postponement of transfers of parish priests and assistant priests due to the Covid-19 pandemic (

Monday, 6 Apr 2020

In line with MCCY’s advisory on safe distancing measures for religious organizations dated 4 April 2020, the Chancery Office and Chancery Archives will be closing their physical workplaces, from 7 April 2020 to 4 May 2020 (inclusive). Social visits to our senior clergy, who are a vulnerable population, are strongly discouraged in this time. Click here ( for information on Chancery services during this period.

Friday, 3 Apr 2020

Archbishop William Goh invites the faithful to join him in 24 hours of prayer, fasting and penance from 7 to 8 Apr 2020 against the Covid-19 pandemic. (

Friday, 27th March 2020

In view of our escalating Covid-19 situation this week and anticipating further escalation, the government has introduced further physical distancing measures for the community, and a specific directive on comprehensive measures to reduce transmission for religious gatherings. The Archdiocesan COVID-19 Taskforce has noted these developments and have made these recommendations.

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Given the serious situation of the COVID-19 contagion and with the rising number of infections both locally and in other countries, His Grace, Archbishop William Goh has instructed all parishes to suspend Penitential Services in the Archdiocese. For those who are seeking the Sacrament of Reconciliation, please contact your parishes.

Thursday, 12 March 2020

Archbishop William Goh has issued a Pastoral Letter regarding the ongoing suspension of public Masses.

Thursday, 5 March 2020

  • The Public Health Guidelines for the Archdiocese of Singapore during the COVID-19 Outbreak has been updated. 
  • Sunset and Sunday masses will resume on 14 March (Saturday) and 15 March (Sunday) when all the churches put in place the necessary precautionary measures. Weekday masses may also be resumed on 16 March (Monday). Read the FAQ on the resumption of Masses.
  • The resumption of Masses is subject to prevailing MOH guidelines and advisories.

Saturday, 29 February 2020

His Grace Archbishop William Goh explained in this video how the decision of the suspension of public Masses was made and what is being done to prepare for the resumption of public Masses.

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

  1. The Multi-Ministry Taskforce has decided to introduce a new “Stay-Home Notice” (SHN) for Singapore residents and long-term pass holders returning to Singapore from mainland China (outside of Hubei).
  2. Directions to be taken when the Mass suspension is lifted, in ensuring a high level of personal hygiene and social responsibility.

Friday, 14 February 2020
His Grace Archbishop William Goh has issued a Pastoral Letter regarding the indefinite suspension of public Masses, both weekdays and weekends, with effect from Sat 15 Feb 2020, 12pm.

Thursday, 13 February 2020
The Archdiocese, upon the advice from the Catholic Medical Guild, will implement measures to reduce the risk of community transmission of the COVID-19 virus during the upcoming Ash Wednesday Liturgy. Ashes are to be distributed by dropping a pinch of blessed ash onto the crown of the head (an accepted form) of the faithful by priests and ministers – who have sanitised their hands and do not have flu-like symptoms. There will be no drawing of crosses on the forehead with the thumb.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020
Live-streaming of the Sunday Mass from the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd will be made available on Sundays at 5.30pm from 16 Feb 2020 onwards. The Church hopes that this will be a source of spiritual food for those who are exempt or unable to attend Mass. Details are found HERE.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020
Archbishop’s Communications Office releases a Communication to Catholic Laity after report of a Christian Church identified a cluster of the Coronavirus cases. Click HERE to read this.

Friday, 7 February 2020
Given the start of transmission in the community, Catholic Medical Guild has recommended the closure of canteen operations to limit the incidence of the virus spreading within our Church community. With regard to this, His Grace Archbishop William Goh has accordingly instructed that all church canteens be closed with immediate effect until further notice.

Additional updates on:

  1. Priests to wear surgical mask for visiting sick at home and in confessional (Appendix 3, sections E and G)
  2. Parishes and organisations should postpone non-essential activities till further notice. They should consider alternative online options. (Appendix 3, section I)
  3. As an alternative to holy water fonts, parishes may use the rite of sprinkling of holy water in the beginning of the Mass. (appendix 3, section A, point 4)

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

  1. Emphasis on personal and social hygiene
  2. Emphasis on need to follow general guidelines in appendices 1 and 2 for ALL attending Mass and church events.
  3. Avoid holding of hands during Mass
  4. Holy Communion – no need for Communion ministers to wear mask or gloves.
  5. Sacrament of Reconciliation  – need for availability of hand sanitizers, and priests to wash their hands with soap and water before and after administering the sacrament.
  6. Consolidation of points in Appendix 3 to make it clearer, without unnecessary repetition of some points.
  7. New cases reported by MOH (Introduction)

Monday, 3 February 2020
The Archbishop, in consultation with his Consultors, has decided to suspend all Catechism Classes for children (which includes parish and home catechism, CGS and RCIY) until 1st March, 2020 in view of the Novel Coronavirus. This is a precautionary measure to protect the interests of our children.

Tuesday, 28 January 2020
First Guidelines published in Chancery Notice – CHN/CN/2020/003

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