Dear Cardinal-elect Anthony Soter Fernandez,

It is with great joy that Archbishop Emeritus Nicholas Chia and myself together with the Archdiocese of Singapore rejoice and congratulate your Grace, Most Reverend Anthony Soter Fernandez, Archbishop Emeritus of Kuala Lumpur on your elevation to Malaysia’s first Cardinal by His Holiness Pope Francis on 19 November 2016 in Rome.

Truly a Shepherd to your flock, your Grace is known to be a man of prayer and of great humility. Besides being a champion of the poor, your joyous demeanour and compassionate heart have endeared you to your flock over the years.

Known to speak plainly, you have always stood firmly for justice and fairness, especially for minority groups in your diocese. You have always been ever ready to proclaim and defend the truth of the gospel and the church’s faith. Indeed, this is befitting of your appointment as a prince of the church, ready to die for her.

We pray for God’s continued blessings and protection upon you as the Cardinal-elect; and that you may continue to be a source of inspiration to all the Catholic faithful in the region, as well as to all men and women of peace and goodwill throughout Malaysia and all the world.

Fraternally in the Lord,

+ Most Rev William Goh
Archbishop of Singapore

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