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National Day Message 2018

Today, we celebrate Singapore’s 53rd National Day. To celebrate National Day is to celebrate nation-building, which is the work and participation of every citizen. How often do we take our nation for granted, just as many of us take our family for granted, and Church as well! We fail to realize that the nation, our family and our Church are what they are today because countless individuals and communities, past and present, have poured their sweat, blood and tears into building these institutions. Without each individual’s contribution, big and small, from every area of life, expertise and interest, our nation would not be so prosperous, efficient, happy, peaceful and progressive.

National Day Message 20182018-08-09T14:26:19+08:00

Prayer for the US-North Korea Summit

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ, I would like to encourage us to pray for the upcoming US-North Korea Summit. Heavenly Father, we ask for the outpouring of Your grace on the momentous US-North Korea Summit here in Singapore on 12th June. We all desire to live in a world where there is peace, [...]

Prayer for the US-North Korea Summit2018-08-09T14:23:45+08:00

Christian Perspective: Promoting Culture of Peace & Harmony in Singapore

Unity and peace among peoples is one of the most important aspirations of every human person and community.  We desire to live in a place and a community where there is fraternal love, concern and charity towards each other.  Without peace, there can be no security, progress and a future for humanity.

Christian Perspective: Promoting Culture of Peace & Harmony in Singapore2017-12-11T14:43:39+08:00

National Day Message 2017

This is a very divisive world we live in. There is so much disagreement on all fronts - economic, political, religious, moral, ethical and social. We have extreme religious fundamentalism at one end, and hostile secularism at the other.

National Day Message 20172017-10-17T11:21:50+08:00

Stand together as One people

Recently, Archbishop William shared his thoughts on how we should protect our community from radical ideology. Click on picture to read the full story. Follow Archbishop on his Instagram! Insta handle @archie.will

Stand together as One people2017-06-20T12:01:16+08:00

National Day Message 2016

This year we celebrate our 51st National Day. In the last 50 years, we, together with our leaders, have been focusing on building a progressive society with proper infrastructure and transparent governance.

National Day Message 20162017-03-05T02:22:07+08:00

Nostra Aetate as a Religious Resource for Common Space

There is always tension between state and religions and among religions themselves. How do we handle such tensions in a creative and proactive way so that they do not give rise to terrorism, civil war or religious wars? - This is the Keynote Address delivered by His Grace, Archbishop William Goh on 'Nostra Aetate' at the 2nd SRP Distingished Lecture and Symposium Series, 20 January, 2016, Marina Mandarin Singapore.

Nostra Aetate as a Religious Resource for Common Space2017-03-05T02:22:40+08:00

Message to the French Community in Singapore at Memorial Mass for Victims of the Paris Bombings

The recent bombings in Paris have shattered many lives; affecting not just those of your countrymen in France, but your own community here in Singapore. Understandably, you must be feeling outraged, anguished and sorrowful, after all, such outrage against humanity can only come from the most misguided and evil minds.

Message to the French Community in Singapore at Memorial Mass for Victims of the Paris Bombings2017-03-05T02:22:48+08:00

National Day Message 2015

Last month we gathered as one Church to celebrate 50 years of the Catholic Church’s contribution to nation-building. It was an event like no other. There was little evidence of the traditional pomp and pageantry that one would normally associate with the Catholic Church; something which is often the cause of our pride.

National Day Message 20152017-03-05T02:22:55+08:00

Church and Nation Building

As Catholics, we have every reason to celebrate, because the Church has been instrumental to the growth and development of Singapore. From education to healthcare, she has not only founded institutions that have helped to springboard us from a backwater slum to the first world country that we are today, but more importantly, she has helped to forge the morals and values of our society.

Church and Nation Building2017-03-05T02:23:05+08:00