Catholic Occasions

Lenten Message 2014

Lent is once again upon us. We have made this journey many times. For some, it is embarked on with a certain degree of dread, because it is viewed as a time of deprivation and penance, especially when it comes hot on the heels of the recent festivities.

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Catechetical Sunday Message 2014

I greet you with a very affectionate gaze from the new born king, Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! This is my very first message to you as Archbishop and Chief Catechist of this Archdiocese.

Catechetical Sunday Message 20142017-03-05T02:23:33+08:00

Christmas Message 2013

Advent is a season of Hope. This hope is now realized in the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. In Christ Jesus, we receive new hope in a world that is dark and gloomy; unsure of its future because of growing secularism, relativism, materialism and ethical indifference.

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Advent Message 2013

We have just concluded the Year of Faith. But this is an ongoing reality. How can we be the light of faith to others as Pope Francis asked of us?

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