Captain Marvel is the latest movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that is smashing box office records around the world. Perhaps its success is because many of its viewers can identify with its female protagonist Vers, and her search for her true identity.

The movie itself runs for over two hours, but in ten lines from its screenplay, we can compress her reel-life story of transformation and empowerment in a way that mirrors our real-life journey of self-discovery that our faith calls us to undertake.

1. “You don’t know who I am – I don’t know who I am.” (Vers to Yon-Rogg)
A Japanese proverb says: A person has three faces – one shown to the world, one to family and close friends, and one never revealed to anyone, which is the true self. But God knows exactly who and what we are: before He formed us in the womb, He knew us. No amount of shape-shifting can hide our true selves from His compassionate, merciful and loving gaze.
2. “You struggle with your emotions and the past which fuelled them… Master yourself.” (Supreme Intelligence to Vers)
The past is history – it no longer exists. The future is a mystery – it does not exist yet. Yet we struggle with both. In the present, which is our only reality, we need Christ, our Time-Lord and Master of the Universe, to help us take control of our lives.
3. “You’re on the wrong side of an unjust war.” (Talos to Vers)
The world does not play fair. But with Christ – the Prince of Peace and the Just Judge – on our side, who can be against us?
4. “This isn’t about fighting wars; it’s about ending them.” (Dr Lawson to Carol)
If we surrender to Christ, He’ll fight our battles for us: “In the world you will have hardship, but be courageous. I have conquered the world.” He knows what will happen: “Look, I am making all of creation new. It has already happened. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.”
5. “What happens when I’m finally set free?” (Vers to Supreme Intelligence)
Perfect love casts out all fear. Christ is our real Supreme Intelligence, the Power and Wisdom of God, who assures us: “I will be with you to the end of time” so that we can say with joy: “I’m set free to be me!”
6. “You were always risking your life to do the right thing. You are my best friend… the most powerful person I know. Do you hear me?” (Maria to Carol)
This is what He is saying to each of us right now, but we don’t hear Him because we’re not listening. We’ve got to tune in to God, and turn, with His Holy Spirit, to face our demons and say:
7. “You’re right. I’m only human.” (Carol to Supreme Intelligence)
To be human is to be made in the image and likeness of God – the ultimate Good, Beauty and Truth – clothed with the value and dignity of one created from love, for love and by Love. To be human is to be the persons God intended us to be, unique and unrepeatable and Beloved in the infinity and eternity of space-time, chosen to fulfill….
8. “… the mission of all missions.” (Monica to Maria)
Proclaiming the Good News and ushering in the reign of God… saving the world!
9. “I stand before you as my true self without deception.” (Talos to Carol)
Jesus wants to meet us face-to-face, His face-to-our third face – He wants us to absorb the awesome superpower of His love and transform us into spiritual superheroes. He wants us to be comfortable in our own skins and no longer wannabe “space soldiers in rubber suits” (Fury to Vers) so that all our three faces will reflect the same Light and people will exclaim: “You know you’re glowing, right?” (Fury to Carol)
10. “We need more heroes.” (Fury to Coulson)
We are called to be part of the Jesus Initiative. If we sign up, so what if people think we’re from another planet? We are! We are ambassadors of Christ and His Kingdom that’s out of this world!

Captain Marvel, for all her amazing and unlimited powers, is only a creature of a Hollywood screenwriter’s creative imagination. God, the Creator and the Author of our lives, offers us a much better storyline. It’s one where we choose our own ending – what a cliffhanger! – but even if we choose what’s not the best for us, He will always try to rewrite our scripts so that, if we don’t lose the plot, we will all be block-busters in the End. What’s our endgame going to be?

Written by Frances

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