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A Gift Received

I love receiving gifts. I think most people do. My expectations aren’t very high these days, so I was pleasantly surprised with all the gifts I received this past Christmas. Even though it was probably the least I have received at Christmas all my life.

A Gift Received2017-04-04T11:16:30+00:00

The Joy of being Called

There is a Latin phrase that goes: Deus adest et vocat te. God is here and calls you. ‘To what is He calling me to?’ you might ask. Everyone has a specific vocation in life, unique to each individual.

The Joy of being Called2017-10-13T21:36:06+00:00

From Darkness into the Light

In my late teens, I started having religious OCD (scrupulosity OCD). I had intrusive thoughts that cursed God, Mother Mary and Jesus (OCD is an anxiety disorder; sufferers experience severe anxiety as the thoughts are completely opposite of their belief system and volitional will.

From Darkness into the Light2017-10-20T16:36:08+00:00

How to Be a Virtuous Date

Virtue is one of those words that sounds a bit lame and unromantic. Dating tends to make us think of words like: passion, excitement, love and connection… Date with virtue (wha-wha-wha). Buzz kill.

How to Be a Virtuous Date2017-09-20T15:29:21+00:00

Our Lady’s Faithful Knight

Some friendships are forged for eternity. Today, Marie remembered Uncle John, a kindly Indian gentleman from Nativity church.

Our Lady’s Faithful Knight2017-10-24T14:18:15+00:00

My Mother and I

I spent most of my life not truly knowing Mary, even though I knew all of her prayers by heart. But a personal relationship with her only began a year ago, when I was struggling deeply with my history with men.

My Mother and I2017-10-24T14:21:00+00:00

National Day Message 2017

This is a very divisive world we live in. There is so much disagreement on all fronts - economic, political, religious, moral, ethical and social. We have extreme religious fundamentalism at one end, and hostile secularism at the other.

National Day Message 20172017-10-17T11:21:50+00:00

Young artist with a cause

She started painting when she was just 4 years old. Now 12, Ashley Tan is using her art to raise funds for good causes. She has already donated a number of her original works to charities and to the Archdiocese.

Young artist with a cause2017-10-24T14:21:41+00:00

Loving him the way he needs to be loved

Recently D and I had celebrated our 10th anniversary. D and I had a vow renewal ceremony at church and just like 10 years ago, the mass was still the best part of the day.

Loving him the way he needs to be loved2017-10-24T14:24:54+00:00