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Ordinary Time Pro Tips

During Ordinary Time is when we hear the most about Jesus’ everyday life. If we are to model our lives after Him, who we meet the gospels, we have to examine everything that they tell us. While it may be harder to get pumped up for Mass each week during Ordinary Time, we have to dive into each Mass fully focused if we’re to get the same effect that we get for special spiritual seasons.

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Suffering in the New Year

Herod heard John’s preaching and knew of the justice of God, yet he chose to fear his loss of reputation instead of believing in the God that John preached. His decision to “save face” in front of his friends was profoundly foolish.

Suffering in the New Year2019-01-07T23:33:54+00:00

The Epiphany of the Lord

Msgr Heng talks to us about the feast of The Epiphany of the Lord, encouraging us to discover Jesus in our lives, so that we may evangelise and lead others to Christ.

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The Feast of St Stephen

God came into this world as a Messiah to proclaim the Good News of salvation to us all. However, this message is not without trials.

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How To Do Things

It matters how you do things. Even in the most mundane routine, like your morning coffee, how you do things matters.

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Preparing for Christmas

Msgr Philip Heng talks to us about the importance of Advent, and identifies some things we can do to prepare our hearts to receive the Lord at Christmas.

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