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30 SEPTEMBER, 2017, Saturday, 25th Week, Ordinary Time

DOWNSIDE OF GLORY AND SUCCESS The reality is that in this life, success is followed by adversity and adversity by success. If we want to share in the lasting joy and happiness of Christ, we must accept that suffering in this world is the necessary passage to fullness of life in Christ. Until then, let us not be too tied down to the worldly and passing happiness and joys of this life but use them to help us find the strength to endure the trials ahead of us as we carry the cross with our Lord.

30 SEPTEMBER, 2017, Saturday, 25th Week, Ordinary Time2017-12-27T11:55:45+08:00

My Guardian Dear

Few things in life burden the human heart with greater sadness than loneliness. To awake each morning to the pangs of unwanted solitude can be emotionally crippling to our self-esteem. Our senses long to know the touch of a loved one, our eyes seek to rest upon the smile of a guardian, and our hearts sigh for the faithful love and friendship of a kindred spirit.

My Guardian Dear2017-03-05T02:21:11+08:00

Leaders: You plan > pray?

We plan more than we pray. I am guilty of that. Most of us are. As leaders in ministry, we are all aware of the endless lists of to-dos that are on our list. The people that we have to reach out to, recruit new members, train/teach current members, prepare sessions, journey/mentor younger leaders, pray... etc.

Leaders: You plan > pray?2017-06-20T09:35:15+08:00

How to Evangelise Effectively

The truth is that not all evangelising efforts are effective, and not everyone who sets out to evangelise is spiritually fruitful.

How to Evangelise Effectively2017-04-20T14:09:32+08:00

Taming the Tongue: Of Building up or Tearing down?

What is a small member yet boasts of great exploits? Of which is full of deadly poison, restless evil and is untamable? Likened to a small rudder on a huge ship, the tongue does not have any mind of its own but is driven by a pilot, wherever he wants it to go.

Taming the Tongue: Of Building up or Tearing down?2017-05-12T16:53:11+08:00

Showing Up

One of the most frustrating things in the spiritual life can be our seeming lack of progress. We pray, we go to Mass, we confess, we read books—and yet we seem to have little to show for it.

Showing Up2017-03-05T02:21:18+08:00

Why we so Desperately need Community

I frequent a certain coffee shop during the week. Just about every time I’m there, I see two older men sitting in adjacent faded red chairs. They both usually have headphones on and are engrossed in a show or movie playing on their laptops. They sit quietly for the most part, laughing in short

Why we so Desperately need Community2017-03-05T02:21:20+08:00

The Duty of the Moment

I'm a dreamer. I have more plans and ideas than I can possibly execute. Ideas for apostolates, books, essays, blog posts, hobbies I want to pursue, and so much more.

The Duty of the Moment2017-03-05T02:21:24+08:00

Is Mary Real?

I was born in a non-Christian family, with parents who are devout Buddhists. As I grew, I had a negative impression of Christianity due to the - to put it bluntly - 'cheap marketing' of Jesus by the Evangelicals and Pentecostals.

Is Mary Real?2017-10-20T16:54:10+08:00