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Deepavali Message2018

Dear Hindu Friends, Happy and blessed Deepavali! We share your joy at this time of festival - may the light of the Diyas illuminate your hearts and homes, and those of your families, friends and communities in the year ahead! On 15 May 2018, an interfaith conference was held in Rome which brought Christian, [...]

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A Christian is Obedient

Several years ago a small board examined me, asking me to reflect on my time in the Boy Scouts of America. This examination was the last requirement necessary for earning the rank of Eagle Scout; and their questions took on a somewhat philosophical tone. One particularly memorable question they asked was what [...]

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Prayers to Help the Departed Seek Eternal Life

It has become quite common practice for Catholics to display flowers or candles to remember their loved ones who have passed on. This gesture is done almost instinctively to honour their memory and perhaps even as a way of offering a prayer for them. It is expected for all to want to [...]

Prayers to Help the Departed Seek Eternal Life2018-11-02T16:11:22+00:00

Your Life is a Vocation

Answering a vocation need not entail a dramatic, drop-everything decision. It is as basic as choosing how to live your life.

Your Life is a Vocation2018-10-30T06:41:53+00:00

Finding Jesus as your Friend

This then, is our true vocation in life, for to discover Jesus is to grow in love and become more Christ-like.

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All Saints Mass Schedule & Live Stream 2018

All Saints' Day is a solemn holy day, dedicated to the saints of the Church, that is, all those who have attained heaven. LIVESTREAM on 1 Nov 2018 at 7.30 pm from the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore. Live Streaming for the Home Bound [...]

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Is God Speaking to You?

Have you ever felt like God was trying to tell you something through prayer, people, or situations? Almost immediately, you -- like so many of us do --  can't help asking, "Was it really God?" In his book To Save a Thousand Souls, Fr Brett A. Brannen highlights four voices that [...]

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Seeking God’s Closeness is as Easy and as Difficult as Loving our Neighbour

When Jesus was asked which of God's many commandments in the Jewish laws was the most important, it opened up for him the opportunity to articulate that in all their observances and rituals, it was imperative that we not only love God, but that we do so by loving our neighbour.  All [...]

Seeking God’s Closeness is as Easy and as Difficult as Loving our Neighbour2018-10-08T18:21:46+00:00

Religion and Politics, Church and State

The Church is often accused of "interfering in politics" when she speaks on issues that affect society. What should the relationship between religion and politics be? This article explores the distinct but complementary relationship between Church and State. Right from the outset, we must be clear that there is a distinction [...]

Religion and Politics, Church and State2018-10-14T19:46:40+00:00