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Why Should Catholics Help The Poor?

A society that wants to develop healthily must practice the principle of solidarity. This principle tells us that we should take responsibility for each other and stand in solidarity with those who need help the most, especially the poor and disadvantaged.

Why Should Catholics Help The Poor?2019-09-03T17:51:37+08:00

Behave Like No One’s Watching

How do we behave when no one is watching? Do we conduct ourselves uprightly at all times? If so, what is our motivation?

Behave Like No One’s Watching2019-08-30T23:17:25+08:00

Fire of Love: Lessons from St. Maximilian Kolbe

There is no saint that has a greater impact upon my spiritual life than St Maximilian Kolbe. This fact is ironic as early on in my conversion to Catholicism I did not like him at all. I thought he looked too stern in his pictures, and that he talked too much about [...]

Fire of Love: Lessons from St. Maximilian Kolbe2019-08-07T18:10:59+08:00

Assumption Mass Schedule 2019

Please share the above livestream schedule with those who are house-bound and their caretakers. CITY DISTRICT Cathedral of the Good Shepherd Aug 14: 6.30pm Aug 15: Noon, 1.15pm & 7.30pm St Joseph's Church (Victoria Street) Closed for restoration works Church of Sts Peter & Paul Aug 14: 5.30pm Aug 15: 7.20am, 12.15pm (Mandarin) & [...]

Assumption Mass Schedule 20192019-08-14T10:59:50+08:00


Ever been DM-ed on Instagram outta the blue? Sure, you block sleazy strangers trying to chat you up, but priests or Religious? Surely they must be legit…


Remedy for our Flesh

Each of us was created to live in relation with God in Christ Jesus, the deepest desire of our flesh is in fact Holy Communion. It is only the Flesh of Christ that can truly satisfy our own flesh.

Remedy for our Flesh2019-06-21T10:20:30+08:00

Approaching Pride Month as a Catholic

As Christians, we have an obligation to welcome and accompany people who experience same-sex attraction with the same charity that we owe to every human being.

Approaching Pride Month as a Catholic2019-06-30T00:34:13+08:00

Graced to be Gardeners of Souls

We are the gardeners of the souls entrusted to our care, tasked to nourish and nurture them so that our they can grow and bloom into the human persons clothed with the dignity graced them by the One who gave them life.

Graced to be Gardeners of Souls2019-06-09T19:02:37+08:00

Christ, Our Perfect Teacher

Christ, our perfect teacher, in the Great Commission, calls us to be teachers after his own mind and heart. How do we become effective teachers of the Gospel?

Christ, Our Perfect Teacher2019-09-06T15:05:05+08:00