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Vesak Day 2019 Message

Dear Buddhist friends, It is with great rejoicing that we, on behalf of all Catholics, send you our warmest greetings and heartfelt best wishes as you celebrate the sacred feast of Vesak in commemoration of the three great events in the Buddha's life - his birth, enlightenment and his final nirvana. May your celebration [...]

Vesak Day 2019 Message2019-05-18T15:35:28+08:00

Praying and Living the Easter Octave

For the entire week after Easter Sunday, the Church celebrates what is called an octave. The Resurrection is so important that one day isn’t enough to celebrate it. So for eight whole days, it is still actually Easter Day.

Praying and Living the Easter Octave2019-04-22T21:52:13+08:00

Fr Jovita’s Easter Encounter

What is Easter?To Fr Jovita, it's more than just a date in the Liturgical Calendar. Easter, to him, is an encounter with the Lord. Easter is profoundly experienced when we can identify with the passion of Christ.

Fr Jovita’s Easter Encounter2019-04-22T10:07:30+08:00

Personalties to Ponder in Lent: Simon of Cyrene

Simon was an innocent bystander, singled out by the soldiers to carry the ignominious cross for someone destined for a shameful public execution. He did so without protestation or debate. We are called to imitate Simon and walk the same way.

Personalties to Ponder in Lent: Simon of Cyrene2019-04-16T14:16:33+08:00

The Practice of Silence for Lay People

Without question, all the great saints, mystics, and spiritual masters prescribe silence as a sure means to holiness. But why? What’s so special about silence?

The Practice of Silence for Lay People2019-04-18T18:27:48+08:00

Maundy Thursday – A Sharing by Fr Jovita

Fr Jovita recalls his Maundy Thursday experiences from his earlier days - the hot cross buns and fake bird's nest drinks that he enjoyed, and of course, the short prayers that were said while he journeyed in between churches. The practice of visiting churches on Maundy Thursday first began with his family [...]

Maundy Thursday – A Sharing by Fr Jovita2019-04-18T18:12:37+08:00

Personalties to Ponder in Lent: Judas Iscariot

Death for all of us is life's final bastion, but is there a place that God's mercy cannot reach and God's love cannot touch?  What do you think he would have said to Judas when he saw him in the realm of the dead?

Personalties to Ponder in Lent: Judas Iscariot2019-04-16T14:18:09+08:00