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Obituary – Chancery Notice

CHN/CN/2019/004 Fr William Heng, CSsR of the Redemptorists in Singapore passed away peacefully on 15 February 2019, surrounded by his family. He was 64. Refer to the complete notice for more details. Subscribe to CatholicSG on Telegram to get first-hand information.

Obituary – Chancery Notice2019-02-18T18:28:52+08:00

Mary’s Sorrow and Discipleship

An old man's cold prediction of a sword thrust through her heart; a rough journey to Egypt with her newborn; losing her boy on the road from Jerusalem to Nazareth; meeting her bloodied son on the road to Calvary; watching him die; a gratuitous lance in his side; the laying of his [...]

Mary’s Sorrow and Discipleship2019-02-02T07:41:15+08:00

Discerning God’s Will

God really has only one will – that all creation respond positively to his invitation to eternal life and love with him for eternity.

Discerning God’s Will2019-01-29T10:18:09+08:00

The Extra-Ordinariness of Ordinary Time

"Ordinary does not mean mundane or mediocre! Ordinary time is Kingdom time!" So our parish priest used to thunder at the beginning of every year. When the Christmas crib and decorations are stored away after the feast of the Baptism of the Lord, one can almost hear the congregation heave a collective [...]

The Extra-Ordinariness of Ordinary Time2019-01-14T16:59:39+08:00

The Great Christian Challenge

There is a wide range of teachings and life dictums that each disciple of Christ is called to embrace and emulate, even if one finds great difficulty in doing so.  The call to be generous, charitable, forgiving, and loving are just some that easily come to mind. While many of these are [...]

The Great Christian Challenge2019-02-21T17:41:07+08:00

By Our Lives

"Modern man listens more willingly to witnesses than to teachers, and if he does listen to teachers, it is because they are witnesses." - Pope Paul VI, Evangelii Nuntiandi, No 41 Witnessing by our Lives "Do you and Clare come from the same house? Are you staying together?" Years ago, when I catechised my Level 8 [...]

By Our Lives2019-01-14T16:25:48+08:00

Looking Back and Forward

In 1992, the monarch of England, Queen Elizabeth II used a Latin phrase "annus horribilis" in her Christmas message.  Meaning "a horrible year", the Queen made references to several events that happened in the United Kingdom that year, as well as a great personal and national loss when part of Windsor Castle [...]

Looking Back and Forward2018-12-31T18:45:31+08:00